Smoking Blob


Image lumpofcoal.jpg
Description This looks like a still-smoking bit of charcoal pulled from a fire. Unfortunately it smells like someone set an open sewer main on fire. You're hard to miss and harder to like carrying this thing.
Type Offhand
Requires 8 Base Will
Effects +1 Fire Power
Slightly Increases Chance of Combat Encounters


Set off a Charred Blob with some Fine Hound Dust
Charred Blob Fine Hound Dust
= Smoking Blob


Mix a Mass of Guano into a Smoking Blob for some reason
Mass of Guano Smoking Blob
= Putrid Blob
Add some Burning Ectoplasm to a Smoking Blob
Burning Ectoplasm Smoking Blob
= Fiery Blob
toolbox.jpg This item cannot be salvaged.
GoldCoins.jpg .14 Curiosities
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