Cost 25 profit
Prerequisites None
Description Usable from the Hideout screen to get a shipment of smuggled goods
Installation Text (text)
Use Text Arrange a shipment with your smuggler
Effects See below


The smuggler can provide special item(s), once a day, at a cost of gang "profits". Profits can be converted from stuff donated to the gang stash by beancounters or gang leaders. You can smuggle items up to three times a day if you have smugglers in all three zones (The Docks, Metroplex U, and Outside the Slags).

As you meet the smuggler:

Your gang's smuggler looks up at you and rubs his hands together greedily. "I think I can get a shipment in past Midgard, about x worth, you interested in something?"

And, if there are at least 100 profits available but your will is below 16:

"I can probably get in custom weapons too, once your fighting style's a bit more developed. Wouldn't do you a bit of good now, but keep it in mind, alright?"

If you have already used the smuggler for the day:

Your gang's smuggler shakes his head sadly. "Sorry, friend, I'm gonna have to run back through Midgard before I get you another shipment."

If you try to buy an invalid item:

The smuggler cocks his head to the side. "You want a what now?"

If he doesn't have any profit assigned to him:

Your gang's smuggler looks up at you lazily. "Sorry, friend, I've got nothing for you today."

If you try to buy something that you can't afford:

The smuggler sighs. "Sorry, friend, you can't afford that. Try to convince the big bosses to send me a bit more clink."

You may choose from the following options, and receive the listed reward (deliveries will not show up unless the smuggler has sufficient funds):

Basic Weapon

Cost: 1 Profit

The smuggler looks you over and heads out. He comes back a few minutes later with a shipment for you. "Alright try it. If you don't like it, throw it in the river or something, the previous owners don't want it back."

He chuckles at his own joke.

One of the following results; if you have multiple power types it may be random? Anecdotally, if you have melee or ranged power, you may never (or rarely?) get the wicked knife?:
If you have only stealth power:
You found: wicked knife

If you have only melee power:
You found: cycle chain

If you have only ranged power:
You found: roomsweeper

Luxury Food

Cost: 1 Profit

The smuggler leaves, then comes back a few minutes later with {a bit of (if one item) / some (if 2+ items)} luxury food and something to wash it down with.

Uses 1-3:
He shakes his head. "I'm not too great with the upper crust, but I'll see if I can't build up some more contacts for next time."

You found one of: moist cookies, truffle

Uses 4-?:
He nods slowly. "I think I'm starting to get the hang of this upper crust thing."

You found: black label chocolate, canned artichoke hearts, grapes, vegetarian roll, or 2-3 of {moist cookies, truffles}

Uses ?-?:
He looks pretty proud of himself. "The upper crust and I, we get along. Enjoy your foodstuffs."

You found: 2-4 of: black label chocolate, canned artichoke hearts, grapes, vegetarian roll, moist cookies, truffle, (judging from mid-level results, cookies and truffles may be a higher-rate result, needs cleanup)

And for all of above:
You found one of: ritzy soda, rum flask, warm latte

Medical Supplies

Cost: 1 Profit

The smuggler leaves, then comes back a few minutes later. He hands over a pile of medical supplies. "Here you go, friend. Thank the big bosses for me."

You found: 6-7 of: anxiety medication, Autodoc, biomonitor circuit, Castor capsule, first aid kit, Omnitech trauma bandage, painkiller, platelet booster, reinforced surgical mask, trauma reference //seems likely these are not equally distributed, needs data

Crate of Drugs

Cost: 5 Profit

The smuggler nods and heads out. He's back in a couple minutes hauling a crate. "Here you go. You ask for the crate, you get the crate."

You found: crate of drugs

Echo Capacitors

Cost: 5 Profit

The smuggler makes a few quick calls on his comm. "Alright, I found a guy who knows a guy who does ordering custom capacitors for us from Oceania. He can sneak us a set and say it got 'damaged in shipment.'" He makes exaggerated "air quotes" with his fingers and heads off to get the capacitors.

He makes it back pretty quickly, the capacitors nestled in a padded box.

You found: echo capacitors

Gang Jacket

Cost: 20 Profit

The smuggler takes your measurements real quick. "Alright, I know a guy who knows a guy who can get us some actual leather. It'll be awesome." He heads out and comes back surprisingly quickly with a new jacket for you.

You found: gang jacket

Annotated Maps

Cost: 50 Profit

The smuggler returns with a stack of maps. Hmmm. These should be very handy when you're patrolling and setting ambushes.

Check the Gang Warfare screen for details.

Unlocks Fortifications in Gang Warfare

Custom Weapon

Cost: 100 Profit

The smuggler sighs. "Man, everytime somebody asks me this I have to go to the crazy ladies or rob a museum or something. But fine, let's see what you got."

He looks you over, then asks you to go through some forms for him. "Alright, I'll see if I can find something that matches your style."

He leaves and comes back quite a while later. "Here, try this out, just might work."

You found: custom weapon (see page for details)


3 Also requires 16 base Will before this option shows up

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