Snake Reflection



Encounter Conditions

Only after choosing to "Dive in" the Forest Pool (Summer)?

Initial Text

It's a good thing you're looking over you reflection's shoulder, because that giant snake is moving very quietly and seems very intent on your reflection's back.

A quick survey of the area shows a tall hill poking out of the forest nearby. A single tree stands at its crown and you can faintly see that small pond at its base. Other than that, there are only the twisting tunnels the serpent is crawling from.

You doubt you could get your reflection to beat it in a fair race, but the tunnels might buy you a little breathing room if you can outsmart the thing… on its home terrain.

Summary of Choices

  1. run in the tunnels (Go into the tunnel)
    1. Run left
    2. Charge right
    3. Clamber up
    4. Find a way down
    5. Stand your ground
  2. Head for the tree (shakes down apples to collect there, beats you up)
  3. Throw it fish (with a reflected fish in inventory)
  4. Dive for the pond (get poisoned and damage)
  5. Stand your ground (get beaten)

Choice Text and Results

Run in the tunnels

Leads to Snake Tunnel.

Head for the tree

You run away from the mirror as fast as you can, trying to steer your reflection towards the lonely tree on the hill. The snake barrels after your reflection, far faster than you can run… This isn't going to end well.

The serpent crashes into your reflection and the tree, sending apples flying everywhere, but closing its jaws around your reflection. The mirror, and your world, go dark.

You take (all hp) damage.

You're pretty beaten up. You can't make it any further without resting.

Throw it fish

You hurl the shard of glass over your reflection's shoulder. The serpent is distracted long enough by the flopping fish that appeared in front of it for your reflection to easily escape.

That's… really strange. Good, but strange.

Catch its reflection

You pull out your hand mirror and hold it before you. It reflects back and forth with its larger kin, creating an infinite tunnel of cracks and impurities.

Soon, there's no snake, merely the tunnel of endless flaws.

You've earned 4 XP in Perception

Dive for the pond

You drop to the ground, sending your reflection diving into the pool. The serpent follows a moment later.

Thankfully, it's a little less maneuverable underwater. Unfortunately, you (and your reflection) are a lot less maneuverable underwater.

It manages to get one good bite in before you slip away from it and back on to the shore.

You take 9-19 damage.

You've gained 10 energy of Serpent Venom

Or, with at least 3 Diving Ability:

You drop to the floor, sending your reflection into the pool with the serpent barreling in after it. Thankfully, your reflection seems able to swim every bit as well as you and slips back onto shore after losing the serpent.

You've earned 3 XP in Reflexes

You've earned 3 XP in Strength

Stand your ground

You stand your ground against the charging serpent. It bites your reflection and you can feel the poison coursing through your veins. Then it swallows your reflection whole and your world goes dark.

You take (all hp) damage.
You're pretty beaten up. You can't make it any further without resting.

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