Image carnivorioussnowpile.jpg
Combat Name The beast
HP see below
Stats Perception:
Reflexes: 0
Strength: ≤55
Will: 20
Power Melee: 5
Etheric: 5
Unopposed: 0
Defense Melee: practically insurmountable
Ranged: practically insurmountable
Fire: practically insurmountable
Etheric: practically insurmountable
Stealth: practically insurmountable
Hidden Flags No Organs, Snowman, Dynamite immune


Using a Silk Top Hat on Christmas 2011 onwards (December 25th – Jan 1?), then adventuring on the quad while etheric.

Technique Chain Power Type Notes
Grasping Grab 2 15 Etheric (normal) Gives Tight Hold
" Does Nothing (Vs. Evasion, Fire, Stealth, or Melee) Releases Tight Hold
" Pulls you inside the snowmonstrosity (if Held)
Gnarled Claw 3 8 Melee (normal)
" 13 Melee (following Frost Breath)
Frost Breath 4 14 Etheric
Construct Snowman 5 17 Etheric (normal)
'' 7 Etheric (if air filter equipped)
'' Does Nothing (versus Fire)

When using a Chemical Mixture, it doesn't do its end of round damage:

The mixture clinging to the beast burns out before it can do any serious harm.

Starting in 2014, Dynamite message is replaced by:

The dynamite doesn't seem to have much effect on the beast.

This happens in either form.

Inside the Snowmonstrosity (upgraded form)

Opponent Snowmonstrosity
Image outfromthesnowpile.jpg
Combat Name The Beast
HP ~110?, but see notes for how to kill
Stats Perception:
Reflexes: 0
Strength: ≤55
Will: 20
Power Melee:
Unopposed: 10
Defense Melee: practically insurmountable, but see notes
Ranged: practically insurmountable?
Fire: 5
Etheric: practically insurmountable?
Stealth: practically insurmountable?
Reactive: some
Hidden Flags No Organs, Snowman, Dynamite immune
Awards 10 XP
You found: silk top hat
You found: the frozen heart
You found: giant snowflake
You found: 6 handfuls of unmelting snowflakes
You found: 2 gnarled branches
Technique Chain Power Attr Type Notes
Icicle Fangs 0 10 Melee Leaves Jagged Wounds
Gnash Teeth 1 15 Melee (normal)
" 7 Melee (vs. Evasion, Fire, or Melee)
Fill with Frost 2 22 Will Etheric
This opponent has +10 Power when Unopposed.


Inside the Maw

This creature starts the combat with a massive amount of defense against all forms of damage (usually taking 1 point of damage from any attack). Once you are inside the beast (and/or perhaps after it has been dealt some damage?), fire attacks will do much more damage.

After dealing ~100-110(?) damage inside the maw, your first attack is always blocked:

<You attack> , but it reforms around you as quickly as you can splatter it.

At this point, if you use a melee attack, the attack replaced with the following move for the first pass of the round, and you win the fight:

You knock aside some of the slush and tear out the beast's frozen heart. It collapses around you as you raise the heart to the heavens.

Outside the Maw

If you manage to do ~100 (?) damage without getting dragged in the maw, the Snowmonstrosity will start to give a similar (but slightly different) message:

<You attack>, but it seems to reform as quickly as you can splatter it.

A melee attack does NOT work to take down the monstrosity if outside the maw. It is unknown what is needed to kill it.

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