Sofia's Problems



Encounter Conditions

Spoke to the man in Professional Family while in priest outfit.

Initial Text

You run across Sofia sitting on one of the pews. She looks up at you, her eyes unfocused as though she's more interested in the stained glass behind you.

Summary of Choices

  1. Start to chat - In priest outfit, gain 2 XP in Will. With at least 12 Etheric power, unlock Talk Eclipse option
  2. Talk Eclipse - something happens (After chatting, with sufficient Etheric power?)
  3. Offer forgiveness - Disdain
  4. Offer death - fight Sofia
  5. Leave her be - Walk Away

Choice Text and Results

Start to chat

She looks at you… maybe more like through you. Her eyes seems strangely unfocused, as though she's not sure if you're really there.

After a moment, she seems to have made a decision and returns to looking at her comm.

Or, with at least 12 Etheric power:

She refuses to look directly at you, instead focusing on her comm, but seems genuinely happy to talk.

"You… seem like you've seen some weird shit… like some of the stuff from Eclipse. I've… been trying to quit but it's just so flat out here."

She sighs. "It's like there's no color or depth to anything."

Or, in priest outfit (Takes priority over Etheric power result):

She smiles a bit as you chat. "Everything's been a bit of a mess, you know? Dad says today's the worst things have ever been, but I don't know."

"Maybe he's right."

You've earned 2 XP in Will

Talk Eclipse

She looks up at you for a second, then goes back to her comm. She nervously flicks through the pictures but doesn't seem to mind you seeing.

"Yeah, I'm… really trying to cut back but… it's like nothing happens without Eclipse. I'm just stuck, but with Eclipse…"

She stops at a picture of another girl, probably about the same age, with a broad smile and wildly spiked hair. "I was sitting with my friend Mia. She was doodling in class, just some clouds, you know. And I was just thinking how pretty they were and how pretty she was and…"

"Don't laugh at me, okay? The school didn't tell anyone, but you can't laugh." She glances at you to make sure you're still taking her seriously, as though it's a strange experience for her.

"And she started turning into clouds. Like, her skin started blowing off and the muscle underneath. There was blood everywhere, but steaming as it turned into clouds too. Everyone was screaming and crying. Brad threw up."

"Her hands, though, they just kept drawing. And every cloud she drew was more of her gone. Until there was nothing left."

She wipes a tear from one eye and focuses intently on her comm until it's clear she's done talking for now.

Offer forgiveness

She looks at you with evident disdain. "Thanks, I guess?"

Or, after talking about Eclipse:

"I… appreciate the thought, really." She forces a bit of a smile. "But I'm not sure who can forgive me."

"I mean, everyone saw that. I saw that, but everyone saw that. Was it my fault?"

Or, after talking about Eclipse, in priest outfit:

"Really?" she looks up at you. "I… yeah, I guess it wasn't really my fault. Who knows why weird shit happens. I need to live my life."

She makes her way out of the cathedral, with a little spring in her step.

You've learned a new Skill: False Forgiveness

Offer death

She jumps to her feet in panic, the pews around her shaking and twisting. Distantly, you can hear the sound of glass breaking.

Her eyes still seem strangely unfocused, but even that gaze seems to tug at your flesh.

(Fight Sofia)

Leave her be

She continues to look at her comm, flipping through pictures. She stops at one and winces as you walk away.

(Walk Away)

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