Software Company

Note: This page refers to Oldos hacking, and no longer exists in the game.

One of the more common varieties of websites.
Can be found with intrusive search and target search (and presumably other searches).
Keywords: code, codesmiths, software, modules, consulting, consultants

Known Sites With Hidden Files


Action Access Alert* Notes
Elevate Privileges - variable
Browse Security Logs Full control/Level 5 0
Cancel Alert Full control/Level 5 - Allowed safely ? times
Browse Public Files Level 1 ?
Misdirect Supplies Level 2 ?
Browse Secure Files Level 3 ?
Steal funds Level 4 ?
Browse Hidden files Level 6 ?
Log out - ?

* Incognito reduces this - see Alert level for details.

Browse Public Files

You manage to scrounge up some code modules out of their public folders. They're nothing fantastic, but some fairly useful stuff.

You found: 2 of math subroutine, security patches, networking code, file interface, or 3 with any file scan installed

Huh, they have a major code store out in the open. You help yourself to everything that looks remotely useful.

You found: 4-5 of file interface, networking code, math subroutine

Hey, somebody left some completed code out in the public folders. <Name> will be pissed when they find out it's missing.

You found file scan

You can't find anything but meeting minutes and project plans. You read over a couple before your eyes feel like they'll start bleeding.

You manage to stay on track enough to actually learn some stuff. You'd like to say you learned about coding or running a business, but you really learned about people.

You've earned 2 XP in Perception

You've earned 2 XP in Will

Misdirect Supplies

You reroute a box of supplies to an address near your residence.

And then one of:

You pick up the box and find it's small, but filled with storage chips. It looks like they might have some usable code on them.

You found: 3-4 module chip

You loop by to pick it up and find it's mostly filled of paper. Well, that's probably kind of handy.

You found: 12-20 blank paper

You swing by near your place to pick up the box. It's rather small, but you crack it open hopefully.

You found: 1 of PDA chassis, unformatted memory core or coder's watch

Browse Secure Files

You find Barb and Abdul Kowalski Software's mailing lists. You'd feel a bit dirty selling them, but you put off that decision for later.

You found: 1-2 mailing lists (or 3 with deep file scan?)

They've got some half-completed coding projects in here. You help yourself to the results.

You found: 2-4 vulnerability database, security updater, file scan, software firewall, network interpreter

They've got some half-completed coding projects in here. You help yourself to the results.

It's mostly still modules, but they're bound to come in handy.

You found: 4-5? of: security patches, networking code, file interface, math subroutine

They've got a file in here marked 'Blackthorn.' That's a bit of a blast from the past.

The file itself is a program based on some ancient code, dating back almost to the beginning of the Net. It's a shame they don't seem to have the original source around. That'd probably be even more interesting.

You found: Blackthorn V5 (requires file scan?)

NOTE: On a level 4 site, with a quick file scan, I found the "1 mailing list" (several times), "Blackthorn" (once), and "just modules" (once) results. With a deep file scan, on the same site, I got "3 mailing lists" (many times), "Blackthorn" (2 times), and "better code" (once. Didn't try w/o any file scan. Given that I got 71 mailing lists from this site in all, I suspect you can only get each batch of code (modules and more advanced) once each from one site.

Steal Funds

You brazenly transfer some funds over to your account.

You gained x credits!

or, condition?

You transfer some funds down to your account. Hopefully your shielding programs will prevent them from connecting the dots.

You gained 104 credits!

Browse Hidden Files (requires Deep File Scan)

Searching around, you find a deeply hidden file.

It's just a note that says 'Congratulations!' It's hard to say whether to chuckle or punch something.

You've earned 8 random XP

It looks like they're working on some code of… questionable legality. It's nothing stellar but you go ahead and download it.

You found: target search, vulnerability database, or vulnerability tester

You find a hidden file talking about a project called 'Tar Pit' and download it.

They've got some good ideas in there, but it shouldn't be difficult at all to replicate.

You've learned a new quest recipe: The Tar Pit - Tune a Software Firewall with a Vulnerability Database

Or, only with an Advanced Interpreter:

You find a hidden file talking about a 'Data Scrubber.' It sounds fairly innocent, but it looks like you could use the thing to take a site permanently offline.

You've learned a new quest recipe: Data Scrubber - Widen the scope of a Code Injector with a Quick Scan and a Deep File Scan

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