Solid Gunman Hologram


Image hologunman.jpg
Description It's a shame nobody plays toy soldiers anymore, because you'd be the envy of all the neighborhood kids… even if your neighborhood was one of those gated communities outside the city or one of the Silver Towers. Actually, kids that live in Silver Towers might have toys like this.

The way it seems to be made out of solid light, somehow strong enough you can actually touch it, might impress even them, however.
Type Offhand
Effects Applies part of your Etheric Defense bonuses to Ranged Power


Fighting a Holographic Gunman from a holographic projector with a dual laser equipped.


You get Etheric Defense/3 (rounded up) in bonus Ranged Power with just a holosight rifle or the solid gunman hologram, but you bonus Ranged Power equal to your Etheric Defense with both. Bonus Etheric Defense from sources like Lord of Nightmares or Shield Of Scales does not count for this purpose.

Crack a Solid Gunman Hologram with Dual Crystals
Glimmering Crystals Solid Gunman Hologram
= 2 Gunman Holograms
toolbox.jpg .20 Curiosities
GoldCoins.jpg This item cannot be added to the gang stash.
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