Sorceress's Blessing



Encounter Conditions

Wearing wispy hospital pants
While outside the castle

Initial Text

You find your way to a small store on the edge of town. "Come one, come all," a woman intones in a voice laden in boredom and depression, "receive the Sorceress's blessing. Just one thin coin."

On one hand, the ball of flame dancing at her fingertip makes her look like a real sorceress, but you've seen some weird things in your day. On the other hand, she's wearing a stethoscope, which is just confusing.

Summary of Choices

  1. Ask for a blessing - nothing, or with dusty coin: gain 50 Boon of Commerce, lose dusty coin
  2. Ask about the castle - unlocks the Fantasy Library for the day
  3. Mention the Fool (after talking about blessing or castle) - information, or after besting the fool, unlock 'Speak for the sorceress' with the the Queen
  4. Discuss the Queen (after talking about besting the Fool) - information, or after the queen agrees to forgive the Sorceress, options below:
    1. Let's go - Gain charmed shirt, ends wispy pants encounters for the day
    2. Let's wait - Nothing
  5. Offer the flower (with flower of the dragon, after talking to the Princess) - gain draught of immortality, 50 Boon of Commerce
  6. Talk about magic - gain 3 XP Perception, or with tome of spells, gain 6 XP Perception and Lesson of Spells
  7. Leave her be - gain 2 XP Will

Choice Text and Results

Ask for a blessing

She looks at your currency strangely and you just as strangely when you offer to transfer some credits. Eventually she doubles over laughing.

When she finally straightens, she wipes a tear from her eye. "Of course. The Fool. He sent you down here didn't he."

"Or maybe not," she gives you a private smile, "since his jokes are never actually funny."

Or, with a dusty coin:

She accepts your coin with a slight bow of her head. "That'll do."

She passes a hand over you and you feel a strange warmth… or at least you think you do.

You've gained 50 duration of Boon of Commerce.
(Lose 1 dusty coin)

Ask about the castle

She sighs, "yes, the castle. Not a great place to be if you're not willing to bend knee."

"Unless you're the Fool, I suppose. That little butt gets away with everything." She stares off into the distance for a moment, a slight frown pulling at her lips.

"Anyway, stay out here. Nothing but frilly princesses and sword-headed princes in there. Wouldn't know they have a library if it bit them in the face."

Mention the Fool

She sighs. "He's not worth the time I've already wasted thinking about him just… enh. It's his whole job to do whatever he wants and get off scot-free."

"I just want him to go down for the stupid stuff he pulls once, but I know what I'm not getting for my birthday."

Or, after besting the Fool with the appropriate tome of flowers/spells/stars equipped:

"Ha! You did it! You actually did it!"

"I'm… man, I know I'm not supposed to be happy at other's expense but I think I'm going to have to make an exception in this case." She stops for a moment to laugh, not an entirely pleasant sound but an entirely honest one.

"Well, I guess that at least gets him back a little for embarrassing me in front of the queen. Hopefully she'll see it in her heart to let me back into the castle."

She seems to catch herself a moment later. "Not that I care I'm not allowed in the castle."

Discuss the Queen

"The Queen… well, that little butt the Fool humiliated me at the castle, made it look like I was performing stage magic rather than the real thing."

"And the Queen, she'd been my patron for years. She believed him. She was so angry… thought I'd lied to her…"

She snaps out of her reverie. "But it was just all his fault! Gaaaaah!"

Or, after the Queen agrees to let her back in:

"I… I can come back?"

"Finally! Oh, thank you, thank you! Nobody, well, nobody stands up for me except me… you now."

She looks thoughtful for a moment. "Would it be okay if you came with? Just to, you know, make sure I didn't do anything foolish again. I can't offer much, but…"

Let's go

She starts feverishly packing up her shop. "Take this," she hands you a shirt that looks exactly your size, "I… made it after you helped with the Fool. I don't have many skills except for my magic, but that should really help keep you safe."

Time seems to pass into dust, leaving you in a strange world filled with pain and strife, but perhaps a little less alone than you thought.

You found: charmed shirt

Let's wait

She sighs and nods. "I'd rather wait then. I need someone I can trust by my side and, well… no, let's leave it at that, no need to embarrass ourselves too much."

Despite her words, her cheeks color slightly in the firelight.

Offer the flower

""Hmm?" she peers at the flower. "I hadn't expected to see that today." She hums as she works, processing the flower down into a vial of liquid.

"Well, here it is, the draught of immortality. Use it wisely." She passes her hand over you as she presents the elixir and you feel a strange warmth spread through your body.

You found: draught of immortality
You've gained 50 duration of Boon of Commerce.
(Lose flower of the dragon)

Talk about magic

You talk about the theory behind her magic. It seems… childish, just one stop short of saying her magic is powered by friendship. It works, but you can't shake the feeling she's making fun of you.

You've earned 3 XP in Perception

Or, with a tome of spells equipped:

You talk about the theory behind her magic. It seems… childish, just one stop short of saying her magic is powered by friendship. But it obviously works and the book seems to corroborate her claims.

The book twists as you try to understand it, tearing itself into dust but leaving a strange kernel of thought within your mind.

You learned a new Technique: Lesson of Spells

You've earned 6 XP in Perception
(Lose tome of spells)

Leave her be


You resist the lure of the sorceress's magic. Who knows if that stuff is even real?

You've earned 2 XP in Will


This encounter does not consume energy.

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