Sound Horn


Image unknownchain6.png
Chain 6
Type Etheric
Base Damage
Special +Base damage on repeat use, and blocks Etheric attacks if you have 2 or more hounds. Probably more defense with 3 than 2 hounds.
Combat Message First Time:
<Opponent> sounds his hunting horn. A hound of crystal and green fire appears, accompanying the horn with its howls of pain, and lashes out at you for <X> damage.

Second Time:
<Opponent> sounds his hunting horn. Two hounds of crystal and green fire appear, matching the horn with their howls of pain, and tear into you for <X> damage.

Further Times:
<Opponent> sounds his hunting horn. A pack of hounds appear with a howl that drowns out even the horn, moving so fast they appear almost serpentine, lance into you for <X> damage.

On successful block:
<You attack>, but the hounds' presence seems to dampen the attack, absorbing all but <X> / of the damage.


NPC Only.

Used By (Opponents)

Flickering Guard

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