Southside Park (before quest)


This area is located in Southside.

Note: This area has a different set of encounters after completing the Southside Park Quest, see Southside Park.

This area counts as outdoors, aboveground.

BrassKnuckles25.jpg Combat Encounters Eclipse.jpg Etheric only
Peace-Patch.jpg Noncombat Encounters coffee.jpg Non-Etheric only
defaultitem.jpg Choice Encounters fishingpole.jpg Requires Fishing pole
LeatherJacket.jpg Gang Warfare Encounters PDA.jpg Can lead to a Hacking Encounter

BrassKnuckles25.jpg Combat Encounters

Opponent Encounter Text Notes
You hear a voice behind you. 'This is our turf, lowlife.'

Then, as you turn around, the first bullets whizz over your head.
With fewer than 3 Fang Points
A bum looks up at you from a nearby park bench. His eyes say that he knows something you don't.

He looks up, glaring at you. "You work for them, don't you? They're coming for us… that's what the Eclipse is for."

Before you can ask what the hell he's talking about, he lunges at you.
Eclipse.jpg trashgolem.jpg
As you explore the park, a large pile of trash catches you attention. Did it just move?

After a few moments you notice it move again, rising up as though it had just woken from a long slumber.

defaultitem.jpg Choice Encounters

Pick a Side

  1. Help the Ganger - Gain 2-4 credits; or a dirty old trenchcoat; or gain Carlos as a contact after helping out enough
  2. Help the Homeless - Fight a ganger
  3. Offer to buy - Unlock New Drug in Southside encounter
  4. Just watch - Gain 1 XP Perception


  1. Try to rescue him - Fight 2 Midgard Security
  2. Wait and search the alley - Find 1-2 of: cup of Joe, tattered newspaper page, dirty rags, dirty old trenchcoat, half of a sandwich, ancient candybar
  3. Ignore it - Nothing

Dumpster Diving

  1. Dive in! - Get 1-2 items from: ancient candybar, battered cred chip, canned green beans, dirty rags, tattered newspaper page, and 1 of: brass knuckles, dirty old trenchcoat, filthy pistol, old switchblade
  2. Hide in it - Fight 2 Insane Bums or Regain 24-30 HP
  3. Meditate in it (Must be etheric, have Poltergeist Spark) - Regain 21-27? Hit Points, learn Trash Simulacrum
  4. Leave sleeping dumpsters lie - Nothing

coffee.jpg Friendly Bum, Introduction - Only if you've talked to Mikhail, becomes Friendly Bum after Fang quest is complete
  1. Know anything about the new drug floating around? - get Eclipse
  2. What about the Fangs? (After unlocking The Docks) - Gain cracked baseball bat
  3. Sure, show me some moves - learn 8-9 of Dive for Cover, Punch, Lash Out, Kidney Punch, Jab
  4. I'm good, thanks

Burning Barrel - Only if you haven't attacked the bums

  1. Warm your hands - Gain 10-20 HP, 1 XP Will
  2. Ask about Mikhail's - Nothing
  3. Charge them - Fight Filthy Bum, removes this encounter
  4. Offer him your old coat - Gain 1 XP Will
  5. Offer him your trenchcoat - Unlocks Friendly Bum, Introduction
  6. Leave them - Nothing

Abandoned Barrel - Only if you've attacked the bums

  1. Chase them down - Fight an Insane or Filthy Bum, or gain 1 XP in Strength or Reflexes
  2. Search the area - Gain 1 of ancient candybar, cup of joe, dirty old trenchcoat, dirty rags, half of a sandwich, tattered newspaper page
  3. Warm your hands - Gain 10-15 HP
  4. Leave it be - Nothing

Eclipse.jpg Evil Eye In The Park
  1. Do what it wants - Gain 10-25 credits, 1-3 of cheap pistol, cup of Joe, heavy pistol, jumbo hot dog, old jacket, riot baton
  2. Listen to its words (evil) - Gain Evil Eye
  3. Bind it to yourself - (This choice only appears if you have a binding tome equipped) Removes the encounter - Gain Shadowy Presence
  4. Meditate and banish it from your mind forever - Removes the encounter - Learn Focused Mind skill

New Drug in Southside

  1. Take one - Lose 10 credits, gain 1 Eclipse
  2. Take four -
  3. Jump them - Fight 2 Gangers who can drop Eclipse
  4. No thanks - Walk Away

Gang Warfare Encounters

These encounters show up when you control an area through Gang Warfare (except where indicated):

Peace-Patch.jpg Noncombat Encounters

Encounter Result Notes
LeatherJacket.jpg Supplying Fortification Converts one gang Profit to fortifications Doesn't require control of the area
LeatherJacket.jpg  Drive Demand (Southside) Gain 3 XP in Reflexes, increase value of drugs or goods shipments by 1 Only with the appropriate Agenda set
LeatherJacket.jpg  Scavenge (Southside) Gain 3 XP in Perception, 4-6 of: ancient candybar, brass knuckles, cheap pistol, circuit fragments, dirty old trenchcoat, dirty rags, everything dog, filthy pistol, frayed cable, garbage sticker, grilled panini, half of a sandwich, jumbo hot dog,Mikhail's Jumbo Platter, old jacket, refilled pill bottle Only with the appropriate Agenda set
LeatherJacket.jpg  Security (Southside) Queue extra gang warfare combat in area. If you have complete control, instead gain 21-26? hit points and 3 XP in Will Only with the appropriate Agenda set
LeatherJacket.jpg  Shakedown (Southside) Gain 3 XP in Strength, 30-45 Credits Only with the appropriate Agenda set

BrassKnuckles25.jpg Vigilante Justice Combat Encounters

        Opponents         Encounter Text
LeatherJacket.jpg  blueganger.jpgx3
(Good (1))

You see a squad of Fangs shaking down a young woman. She's offered them money already, but they don't seem happy with that answer.

When you approach, she takes the opportunity to shank one of them, then runs. He collapses bleeding on the ground while his friends stand torn between jumping you and following the girl.

You make the choice easy for them.

(Gives the drops of 4 gangers if you win.)
LeatherJacket.jpg  Slasher.jpg
(Good (1))

You hear a muffled scream from the far corner of the park and rush over to have a look. In the shadows, you see the bleeding scattered remains of a homeless man.

Crouched over the grisly scene, another man grins as he wipes the blood from his knife.
LeatherJacket.jpg  MidgardSecurityGuard.jpgblueganger.jpgx2
(Good (1))

In your hunt through Southside Park, you discover two obvious Fang members discussing payment with a Midgard Security officer. As you edge closer, you see they're haggling over the corpse of a recently dead bum, with the main argument being whether his lack of eyes is "significant."

It doesn't take long for you to pass judgement.

(Drops 1 old coins in addition to normal drops.)


Retired Encounters:
Meeting Carlos
Coatless Homeless - Stops ocurring if you give him the coat, occurs again if you help the ganger. Permanently stops occuring if you acquire Carlos as a contact.

  1. Give him the coat - lose dirty old trenchcoat, unlock Friendly Bum, Introduction, alters Pick a Side
  2. Keep it for yourself

With the September 18th, 2016 update, the following combat encounter was retired and the insane bum both uses the "they're coming for us" text. Previously this showed up for non-etheric version:

A wild-eyed bum looks up at you from his burn barrel. He gurgles something incoherent and charges at you!

Fight Insane Bum

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