Southside Park Quest Progression

Talking to Mikhail:


Morning, old friend!

I'm going to cut right to the chase. Southside park's never been a place to go at night, but something's seriously wrong.

Closest I can tell, the bums've gone crazy. Streets around there aren't even safe for the gangs anymore. Some've them broke into my place last night, totally trashed. The grill will be shutdown for weeks.

So that's my sob story. You've gotta help us out.

Accepting the job:


Great! Just what I wanted to hear!

The only other thing I know is that some new gang's moved in to the park, around the same time. Probably has something to do with it.

Oh, and I'll beam over your usual 50 creds for signing up.

Telling him about Eclipse:


What's this Eclipse you're talking about? Sounds pretty damned strange.

I think I have an idea of someone to ask, though.

There's an old man, goes by Lo, hangs around my deli all the damned time. He used to be a scientist, I think. He might be able to help.

Drop by some time and we'll see.
You've gained a new contact: Lo

Showing Eclipse sample to Lo:


Ah, yes… this drug… Eclipse. It reminds me of something I worked on a few years back. I guess you're in luck.

It's a powerful blend of hallucinogens, which would certainly explain the madness, I guess. But something still puzzles me…
(…continue conversation…)
As far as I know, there's only one way to get this compound. It requires an enzyme from a flower, native to southeast Asia.

I'd grab a Metros train to the docks if you want to shut these people down. It'd have to be coming through there.

I'm very interested if you can find out where they're getting this… to say nothing of how they're selling this stuff for a couple credits a dose.

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