Sovereign Soil


Image gravedigger%20shovle%2050.jpg
Description Far more effective with a shovel
Chain 2
Type Melee
Attribute Will
Base Damage 2

Attack Summary

Condition Attr Base
Normally Will? 2
You scrabble at the ground, attempting to bury <opponent> and deal <X> melee damage.
With a shovel weapon Will? 8*
You strike down at <opponent> with your shovel for <X> melee damage.
With a spade weapon Will? 8*
You dig into <opponent> with your spade for <X> melee damage.
With Royal Truth Strength 12 ?? (E,???) Not (M,???)
You ceremoniously begin burying <opponent> for <X> melee damage.
<Opponent attacks>, but it’s hard to concentrate while being buried alive, preventing all but <X> / of the damage.
With Royal Truth and some condition (see discussion) Wll? ??
You shovel a torrent of suffocating dirt down on <opponent> for <X> melee damage.

* 8 base power if it uses Will. If it uses some other attribute, need to recalculate.


grave shovel, fighting a Gravedigger.

Used By (opponents)


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