Sparkling Blood


Image Gemmed-Puzzle-Box25.jpg
Description Your entire body feels aglow with energy. It's in a delicate balance, though. You feel like if you lose too much blood you might go off the deep end.
Hidden Flags Blood Effect
Effects see below (none listed in game)


If beaten up, lose all energy of the effect and get this message:

You wake up in a pool of your own sparkling blood. You feel a terrible chill and can't stop shaking.

You've gained <turns of blood> energy of The Jitters.

If you take more than 5 (?) damage from any one attack, you lose (damage?) energy of this effect and get this message:

Your blood runs freely from your body, releasing massive clouds of sparkling mist. You feel a terrible chill as the energy flees your body.

You've gained 10 energy of The Jitters.


stimulant dust (25 energy)

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