Speaking With The Executive



Encounter Conditions

Orbital Watch equipped, after talking to the CEO in the Well Appointed Tower
Will repeat if you choose "Suggest new designs" and survive.

Initial Text

Amid the swirling dust, you find yourself back speaking with the executive. She seems surprisingly patient, not pressing you for anything in particular, as she lays out her vision of the conflict.

As far as she's concerned, the nationalists have had centuries to shape up and still suppress their citizens. Regardless of their faults, she'd like to end the war with them as quickly as possible: with one fantastic strike.

Her pauses suggest she'd like you to help in some major capacity. You'd think among all those aides she had a general more capable than you, but… who knows who she is… let alone how she sees you.

Summary of Choices

  1. Agree to help - gain 20 Corporate Hunt, unlock Drone Command Center
  2. Suggest new designs - end encounters*, or with army drone model: gain 20 Flicker of Peace (first time) or learn Orbital Demonstration
  3. Leave her be - return to Well Appointed Tower

Choice Text and Results

Agree to help

She smiles as you make your offer, agreeing to accept you under her wing and offering a small amount of drones to take the fight to the nationalists. Although you'd expect war to raise real ire in people, she seems calm, almost relieved, as though her other duties are far more horrific.

You've gained 20 duration of Corporate Hunt.

(Unlocks Drone Command Center encounter next.)

Suggest new designs

You make your suggestion and she listens, nodding along. You feel pretty good about the meeting until you turn to leave and hear a single gunshot.

The world seems clearer when you awake, bereft of the cloud of dust lingering at its edges.

(Stops all orbital watch encounters for the day.)

Or, with an army drone model equipped:

You discuss the finer points of drone craftsmanship, slowly ingratiating yourself with her. There are actually a number of uses for drones beyond combat, which it sounds like she'd be happy to explore if the national forces were willing to lay down their arms.

You've gained 20 duration of Flicker of Peace.

Or with cap of fools equipped:

You make some suggestions, which seem foolish at first but have a deeper underlying logic. Perhaps you don't deserve this hat anymore, but she seems convinced by your suggestions.

You've gained 50 duration of Flicker of Peace.

(Lose cap of fools)

Or, further times this day after getting either of the above Flicker of Peace results:

You further discuss drones, getting down into the gritty details until the drones start to coalesce in your mind.

You learned a new Technique: Orbital Demonstration

Leave her be

You thank her for her time and head back into the chaos of the main floor. Her aides swarm over her and you can hear them picking over the conversation you just had.

(Unlocks Well Appointed Tower encounter again.)


This encounter does not consume energy.

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