Spear Throw


Image spearthrow.jpg
Description Surprise your enemy with a sudden reversion to ancient weaponry
Chain 5
Type Stealth
Attribute Reflexes
Base Damage 3
Special Less surprising if you're openly using a spear

Attack Summary

Condition Base
Normally 3 (Stealth)
You hurl an unexpected spear at <opponent> for <x> damage.
With a spear weapon 6 (Melee)
You use your spear's reach to stab <opponent> for <x> damage.
With a spear weapon, as closer* 10 (Melee)
You hurl your spear at <opponent> for <x> damage.
With a speargun equipped 6 (Ranged)
You fire a spear at <opponent> for <x> damage.

* Normally closers only count when preceded by at least one technique, but a chain of 1 also seems to work here.


Using Speargun with a spear weapon equipped.

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