Special Combat Mechanics

Combat in metroplexity can be complicated, but in general: You attack with techniques to deal damage. Damage is increased with your Power bonuses and decreased with your opponent's Defence bonuses. Some techniques can Evade damage. See combat page for specific details and numbers.

Most items give bonuses directly to Attributes, Power or Defense (such as Perception, Melee Power, Stealth Defense). However some bonuses affect your stats and combat in more complex ways. Click through to individual pages for more details.

Affects your stats

Affects direct combat damge

Affects indirect combat damage

Affects combat structure

  • Area of Effect - Damaged all opponents, and avoids evasions.
  • Stunning - Prevents your opponent from attacking for a pass
  • Stun Resistance - prevents stunning
  • Free Techniques - some techniques give extra techniques at the end of your chain
  • Tight Hold - Some opponents can hold on to you, forcing you to target them and prevents running away.
  • Directional Evasion - evasion dependant on actively targeting one opponent out of a group
  • Directional Techniques - changes if you are moving closer or farther from your opponent (ie. asc/descending chains)

Affects combat opponents

See also: Bonuses, Combat, Technique Forms

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