Spectral Curse


Image GhostlyHand25.jpg
Description Since that specter… passed through you, you feel like your entire body is submersed in cold water. This must be what death feels like.
Hidden Flags Unnatural Effect


Having the following techniques used against you (duration gained):

Mining Encounters: Collapsing Tunnel (20), Ghost Miner (10)
Computer Lab encounter: Open Workstation (playing the rhythm game with Halloween Lament active, duration equal? to duration of Lament)

Resting aboard the Ghost Ship with a REM timer (10)
Watching static TV with a bone mask in inventory unequipped (?-18-? duration)
Using Ghoultouched to eat a Spectral opponent (10 duration)


Increases the power of incoming Frost Touch by +6 damage
Increases the power of incoming Ghostly Spark by +6 damage
Increases the power of incoming Spectral Shriek by +??? damage
Enhances Truncheon and allows learning it.

Changes/changed the message for viewing the Dorms at various points

Gives better results when eating heirloom apples.

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