Spectral Patient


Image spectralinmate.jpg
Combat Name The specter
HP 10
Stats Perception:
Reflexes: 0-4
Strength: 2
Will: 2
Power Melee: 0
Etheric: 0
Defense Melee: 5
Ranged: 5
Fire: 5
Etheric: 0
Stealth: 5
Awards 3 XP
You learned a new Technique: Brutality (sometimes)
You found: (sometimes)
- 1 strange pants (1/2)
- 1 last meal (1/2)
You found: 1-2 Castor capsule (sometimes)
You found: 1-2 anxiety medication (sometimes)
You found: 1-2 Megavitamin (sometimes)
You found: 1-2 painkiller (sometimes)
You found: 1-2 pep pills (sometimes)
You found: 1-2 old pill bottle (sometimes)
You found: ectoplasmic sample (sometimes, with Myers sampling kit equipped)


Boiler Room

Technique Chain Power Dam Type Notes
Drift Straight Through 0 Gives 5 turns of Spectral Curse
Frost Touch 1 4 4-6 Etheric (normal)
'' 4+6 10-12 Etheric (under Spectral Curse)
Brutality 2 4 4-6 Melee (normal)
'' 4+4 8-10 Melee (unopposed)
Lash Out 2 2+3 5-7 Melee (only closer)
Each time Frost Touch is used against you, you lose one turn of Spectral Curse


nomnom25.jpg You gulp down a mouthful of the specter, only to find a horrible chill spreading through your body.
You've gained 10 duration of Spectral Curse.
HandMirror25.jpg N/A
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