Spider Crafting Update

The Spider Crafting Update was released April 6th, 2019 with the announcement:

Oh what tangled webs we weaveā€¦

This was voted for in the late February 2019 Patreon backer poll.

This content update included:

New crafting recipes

reinforced drone leg = spider drone leg + steel ingot
jagged drone leg = spider drone leg + stone spider chitin

spider leg rifle = stone spider leg + assault rifle fittings
arachnid blade = stone spider leg + sword hilt
extended spider leg = stone spider leg + riot baton

venomous paste = hound dust + spider venom sample
spider skein drops from spiders with venomous paste
silk whip = spider skein + sword hilt
silk vest = spider skein+ unlined vest
silk pants = spider skein + unlined pants
silk injector = spider skein + empty injector (Grants Web Control skill)

fried spider eggs = spider eggs + butter
charred spider eggs = spider eggs + spider eggs

New techniques

Spider Grip (from venomous paste)
Arrogant Step (from silk pants)
Reaching Spear (from extended spider leg)

New skill

Web Control (from the silk injector)

Remaining Mysteries

According to Podcast 54, there's quite a bit left to find here.

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