Spider Venom


Image Syringe25B.jpg
Description Your flesh has sunken into festering wounds where you were injected and your entire body feels like it's eating itself from the inside out. You're healing faster than it spreads, but that doesn't stop the pain.

Pinwheels of light collide, shattering through your field of vision and your mouth is filled with a cloying, metallic taste. But nothing can distract you from the gnawing pain burrowing towards your bones.
Hidden Flags Toxin Effect
Effects -6 Perception
-6 Reflexes
-6 Will
(Hidden: -3 First Aid: Applies while resting, may or may not apply elsewhere too)


Using spider venom sample (20 energy)
Using stringy Eclipse (30 energy) (if you already have energy of it)
Receiving Poison Bite from Horrific Spider/Pit Spider
Receiving Summon Spiders bite from Horrific Spider

Cures for Spider Venom

Using any toxin effect remover
Using black spider roll
Using spider eggs


Sometimes, while resting:

After a few minutes resting, your body is wracked with painful spasms and you cough up a handful of gore crawling with tiny spiders.

(And, if etheric:)
For a moment, you can see through their eyes, along with the eyes of dozens more still crawling within your flesh, slowly being consumed by your body.

You learned a new Technique: Call the Swarm

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