Spinal Shot


Image SpinalShot.jpg
Description Take a shot with a gun that will never fire a bullet
Chain 6
Type Ranged
Attribute Perception

Attack Summary

Condition Base
Normally -
You menace <opponent> with the ancient handsign of a finger gun.
While Etheric, including Slags Poisoning 7
You gesture dismissively at <opponent>. A bullet of light streaks towards him for <X> damage.
With crystal or resonating spinal rifle equipped 7
You fire a single strange bullet from a crystalline tube at <opponent> for <X> damage.
While Etheric and a non-rifle resonating spine 11
You arrange a crystalline tube and fire a bullet of light from it at <opponent> for <X> damage.
Following one spinal tech and with resonating spinal equipment 13
The crystal in your hands flows into a strange tube. You fire a single bullet at <opponent> from it for <X> damage.
Following two spinal techs and with resonating spinal equipment 15
The crystal in your hands blurs through several shapes, momentarily becoming a bent tube from which a single bullet flies at <opponent> for <X> damage.


Using a crystal spine.


Unlike most techniques that require etheric to work, this doesn't use up energy of etheric when used, and can be powered by weaker forms of etheric, like Slags Poisoning.

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