Spun Isocahedron


Image seasonaldecahedron.jpg
Description This crystal seems solid in a way that's utterly at odds with its tiny size and feather-light weight. It just seems like it could last through everything.
Type Offhand
Use You stare at the crystal and wait, seeing if it will divulge its secrets… instead you just have two crystals.

You found: spun octahedron

You found: spun dodecahedron
Multi You stare at the crystals and wait, seeing if they will divulge their secrets… instead you have many more crystals, each as mysterious as the one before.

You found: X spun octahedrons

You found: X spun dodecahedrons
Effects Slightly Increased Chance of Strength XP
Slightly Increased Chance of Will XP


Merge your Spun Octahedron and Spun Dodecahedron
Spun Octahedron Spun Dodecahedron
= Spun Isocahedron


Overlay your Spun Decahedron and Spun Isocahedron
Spun Decahedron Spun Isocahedron
= Spun Lattice
toolbox.jpg This item cannot be salvaged.
GoldCoins.jpg This item cannot be added to a gang stash.
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