Spying On The Supervisor



Encounter Conditions

Initial Text

Walking through the warehouse, you can hear a gruff female voice behind a nearby stack of crates. Peeking around, you can see a particularly angry looking woman upbraiding three workers for laziness and inaccuracies on the latest inventory.

Her voice rises to a panicked pitch as she explains that Special Projects will take over the warehouse if Freight can't handle it. The workers seem just as terrified as her by this prospect and start promising to do better.

Which might be interesting, but probably means she's a supervisor. If that's true, the ID hanging from a lanyard at her waist might just let you into the office upstairs.

Summary of Choices

  1. Charge in - something happens
  2. Follow her as she leaves - fight 3 midgard security, OR with sufficient stealth power:
    1. Rush her
    2. Steal the card
    3. Leave her be - 2 XP Perception and 3 XP Reflexes
  3. Rush in and steal the ID - fight Warehouse Supervisor and 3 Midgard Workers), OR with sufficient Stealth Power and/or Reflexes gain warehouse supervisor ID
  4. Leave them to their meeting - nothing

Choice Text and Results

Charge in

You charge headlong into the conversing group, taking them by surprise. They scream for guards, but you're already in their midst.

(Fight 3 Midgard Workers and a Warehouse Supervisor)

Follow her as she leaves

With < 5 Stealth Power:

Three guards rush into the group, scattering your intended prey. It's hard to say whether someone signaled them, but you were noticed either way.

(Fight 3 Midgard Security)

Or, with ≥ 5 Stealth Power:

You wait quietly, while she finishes up with the workers and even manage to avoid notice when a patrol of guards passes by. Slowly, from stack to stack of crates, you follow her until you're hidden together in the depths of the warehouse.

Rush her

Waiting until the supervisor is alone, heading back among the crates, you jump out of the shadows to attack her. She reaches for something tucked into her belt as you rush her.

(Fight Warehouse Supervisor)

Steal the ID

Once she's alone, you dart out of the shadows, cut through the lanyard and disappear with the ID. It doesn't take long before you can hear the sounds of an alarm echoing through the warehouse.

You found: warehouse supervisor ID

Leave her be

You watch her from the shadows for a while, then leave her to her business. Ah well, at least it was good practice sneaking around.

You've earned 2 XP in Perception

You've earned 3 XP in Reflexes

Rush in and steal the ID

You rush in to grab the lanyard, but one of the workers notices you early and screams, throwing everyone into a panic. You don't manage to get to your prize and the group around you is reaching for anything nearby that can be used as a weapon.

(Fight Warehouse Supervisor and 3 Midgard Workers)

Or, with enough Stealth Power and/or Reflexes (1 SP with 11 Reflexes was not enough, 4 SP was; (12 Reflexes/0 Stealth Power also succeeded))

You rush in, slice the lanyard, and dart off with the security card before anyone's even sure what's going on. A few minutes later, you can hear the sounds of sirens echoing through the warehouse, but you're long gone by then.

You found: warehouse supervisor ID

You've gained 6 XP in Reflexes

Leave them to their meeting

See Walk Away

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