Squatly Mole



Encounter Conditions

Initial Text

A massive, squatly built creature rests in the loose soil of the construction site. The workers wandering around seem unconcerned by its presence, but its massive pincer-like claws and coarse metallic fur seem more real to you than the underpaid builders.

Summary of Choices

  1. Attack it - fight Titanic Mole; removes encounter for the day if you win
  2. Command it - nothing?
  3. Call a centipede - 4 Will XP, lose 1 instance of Burrowing Horror (With a binding tome equipped and knowing at least 1 instance of Burrowing Horror)
  4. Leave it be - walk away

Choice Text and Results

Attack it

The massive creature is surprisingly fast to respond, slicing through the air with its massive claws.

(Fight Titanic Mole; removes encounter for the day if you win?)

Or, after feeding it:

The massive creature reluctantly slashes at you with its claws. If you didn't know better, you'd think it was confused and hurt.

(Fight Titanic Mole; removes encounter for the day if you win?)

Command it

You try to convince the massive creature to obey you, but it doesn't seem to understand you, let alone have any intention of obeying.

Or, after feeding it a Burrowing Horror, with a binding tome equipped:

You speak a few words out of the tome of binding, but the massive creature seems uninterested in bending to your will.

Call a centipede

You call up a burrowing horror, which the massive creature scopes up with one massive claw and devours. It's possible you're projecting, but it seems happy.

You've earned 4 XP in Will
(Lose one instance of Burrowing Horror)

Leave it be

There are certain things in this world you're fairly sure are just hallucinations. This is one of those.

(Walk Away)

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