Squatter King's Door



Encounter Conditions

Initial Text

You stand outside the Squatter King's door. You've knocked a few times, tried his comm… he doesn't seem to be interested in answering.

The door itself is flimsy enough for you to hear the sounds of people moving around in the warehouse, so it wouldn't be hard to barge in if you wanted to. When you first met him, though, he was standing right past that door… waiting.

Summary of Choices

  1. Bust in - Fight The Squatter King
  2. Try reason - nothing
  3. Gas the place - Only if you have a grenade in inventory - lets you in (for the day?)
  4. Leave him be - Walk Away

Choice Text and Results

Bust in

You rush in, shattering the door easily. The so-called Squatter King backs up a few steps, yelling "get everyone to the sewers!" as he draws a small chunk of ceramic that's been repurposed into a knife.

Regaining his composure he smirks. "Alright, let's see if you've got more fight in you than the corp bastards that want to develop this place."

(Fight The Squatter King)

Or, if you picked "try reason"

Fed up with the Squatter King's stonewalling, you kick in the door and charge in. He draws a teardrop-shaped bit of glass, which apparently doubles as a knife.

Streamers of light from the damaged roof illuminate abandoned dwellings throughout the warehouse. It seems everyone else has left, but he's still here, knife in hand, to defend the place.

(Fight The Squatter King)

Try reason

If you killed his son or left him to die:

There's a long, stunned silence from behind the door. Finally he shouts back "Help you? You killed my son!"

Try as you might, you can't get him off the topic of his son's horrible death.

Lose Contact: The Squatter King

If you sold the crate of stolen medicines:

There's a long pause and a faint clicking noise, like glass tapping on wood. "You sold that shipment. You told me yourself."

He waits again, as though considering what to say next. "Three kids are gonna die, you know… because they didn't get that medicine. I don't think I'm going to be helping you."

Gas the place - Only if you have a grenade in inventory

You toss one gas grenade into the warehouse and hear the scurrying of feet, but not nearly enough. You follow the first grenade with four more, filling the warehouse with thick smoke until the last of the footsteps fade away.

After a few minutes, the gas clears and the Squatter King is nowhere to be seen.

You head into the warehouse quickly. Who knows how long it'll be before they come back?

(You lose 5 gas grenades)

(with less than 5)

Throwing some gas grenades into the warehouse would probably clear them out. It'd probably take five or six to really do the trick, though… more if they've got gas masks.

Leave him be

You leave the warehouse and its squatters alone for now.

See Walk Away

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