Squatter King's Secret Entrance



Encounter Conditions

Initial Text

As you're making your way through the sewers, you find a recently-used ladder. If your sense of direction hasn't failed you in these twisting tunnels, this should lead up into the Squatter King's warehouse.

If the top isn't guarded, you might be able to get in behind his back.

Summary of Choices

  1. Take a look up top
    1. Raid the warehouse - Get various items
    2. Hunt the Squatter King -
    3. Stay up here - Enter Squatter's Refuge
    4. Head back below - Walk Away
  2. Ignore it - Walk Away

Choice Text and Results

Take a look up top

Poking your head out above, your initial suspicions are proved correct: this ladder leads up into the Squatter King's warehouse. Nobody seems to be around… either they've almost all left or he was delusional to begin with.

If this corner of the warehouse is any indication, you could probably head through the whole warehouse without having any problems.

Raid the warehouse

You rush up into the warehouse, grab whatever you can, and head back into the sewers. It seems like most of the residents were either hiding or gone, so nobody noticed you.

Get 2-3? of ancient candybar, caramel bar, corduroys, dried fish, empty can, half of a sandwich, headless doll, Instaheat soup, nuts and bolts, OmniWatch, protein bar, stolen crate

Hunt the Squatter King

You make your way up into the warehouse. It's all but abandoned, giving you an excellent chance to stalk the Squatter King.

You eventually find him near the front door, playing with a strange glass knife. He notices you, but far too late to do anything but raise his knife.

(Fight The Squatter King)

Stay up here

Nobody seems to be around, so it's an easy task of climbing up the ladder.

Enter Squatter's Refuge

Head back below

Glancing around the warehouse, there really isn't anything interesting enough to grab your attention. After all, what could a bunch of squatters have that you want?

See Walk Away

Ignore it

You decide to stay down in the sewers. Anything could be up there, after all.

At least you know what's dangerous in the sewers.

See Walk Away

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