Stab Techniques

Some techniques involve stabbing. This affects:

Stab Techniques

[2] Crystal Strike
[2] Downward Stab (only with knife or cyberblade weapon)
[2] Spade Strike (only with low MP and a mushroom spade equipped)
[2] Brace Spear (only vs melee with a spear)
[2] Switchblade (only as non-opener)
[4] Cyberblade
[4] Spear Hunting
[4] Mirror Strike (with Spring and Summer only. Probably not Fall or Winter.)


[4] Piercing Vine (needs confirmation)

Currently impossible to confirm:
[0] Backstab
[1] Snow Blade
[3] Knife
[3] Zalian Blade
[4] Swordplay following Parry
[5] Spear Throw

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