Stacks Of Crates



Encounter Conditions

Only when not Etheric

Initial Text

You finally get a spare moment among the stacks of crates. Doesn't seem to be anyone nearby, but you probably only have a few minutes.

Even if there isn't anything interesting in the crates, it could be a pretty good hiding spot.

Summary of Choices

  1. Unearth the reaction chamber - Only after using warehouse inventory to look for it
  2. Look for fae plushes - After you found them on the Waterfront
  3. Open crate 1623 - Only after using warehouse inventory to look for slags antidote Get 5? vials of Slags antidote
  4. Dig for the prototype - Only after using warehouse inventory and not looking for the slags antidote. Get prototype vest or watch of tomorrow or SDnano prototype or Midgard MK11a or chameleon glands
  5. Grab a random crate - Get 10-20 Eclipse OR inactive SDmicro OR chemicals, 5-108? of: gas grenades, Nitro, targeting circuit, white flakes, dynamite, microrocket (NOTE: I believe this has been confused with the next crate, armaments. confirm targeting circuit?) OR Armaments: Southside Division: 3? or targeting circuit OR

    The crate is labeled 'SlagMed only':
    Get 2-3 trauma reference
    Get 2-3 scrubs bottoms
    Get 0-1 scrubs top
    Get 0-1 first aid kit
    Midgard Security Forces:
    9? of: basic scope, gas grenades, gas mask, heavy pistol, protein bar, security visor
  6. Hide and nap - Gain 32-34? hp
  7. Leave - Nothing

Choice Text and Results

Unearth the reaction chamber

You search the crates for number 983. It takes a few minutes, but there it is!

You open the crate and brush aside packing materials to extract the reaction chamber you've been looking for. It's incomplete, obviously, but it looks like it wasn't damaged.

You found: incomplete chamber

Look for fae plushes

You find a crate partially filled with the plushes. They seem to have been thrown in fairly haphazardly and at least one has been torn apart, possibly looking for contraband.

You quickly pocket the ones that are left.

You found: 6-10* fae plushes

* Or less than 6 if it would bring your total up to 100.

Or, after acquiring 100 dolls through this encounter, the Pile of Crates or Joytime Products (hacking):

Despite your best efforts, you don't find any more crates of the plushes. On the bright side, that might have been all of them.

You've earned 4 XP in Perception

Open crate 1623

You glance over the crates, looking for crate 1623. You find the 16 stack… wow, this place is organized.

1620… 1622… ah, there it is. You crack open the sealed metal crate. Five small vials are all that rest inside among all the padding.

They seem to almost sparkle in your hand.

You found: 5 vials of slags antidote

Trash golem version of this:

You find a chunk of metal in one of the golems labeled '162' something. Hey, there's an unbroken vial of something underneath it. Lucky day!

You found: Slags antidote

Dig for the prototype

Only after using warehouse inventory, if you are not looking for slags antidote

You track down the crate that caught your attention on the inventory sheets. It's large and labeled only 'Prototype, Silver Clearance.'

You crack it open and snag the prototype before anyone notices.

You found: prototype vest or watch of tomorrow or SDnano prototype or Midgard MK11a or chameleon glands

Trash Golem text drop message:

And there's something underneath this chunk of wood and packaging labeled 'prototype.':
(Get one of the above)

Grab a random crate

The massive pile of crates is pretty daunting. You glance around the pile until you find a crate that looks interesting.

And one of:

The crate has a small sticker with 'For: Armaments, Southside Division' written on it.

You grab a handful of stuff before anyone notices.

You found: 3-5? of micro rocket, targeting circuit, nitro, gas grenades


The crate has metal sides and is marked 'Returned' in large friendly letters. In it you find a spider drone about the size of a small dog.

You found: inactive SDmicro


The crate is marked 'Do Not Open!' so obviously you do. It's filled with stuffed rabbits…

You notice as you're closing the crate a tiny white pill pushing out one seam. A few minutes later, you've pulled a lot of Eclipse from the rabbits.

You found: 10-20 tablets of Eclipse


The crate smells strongly of chemicals and has a label on the side indicating it may be prone to exploding. You carefully open it up, to find you're glad you didn't trip over it during your journeys through the warehouse.

You found 7-10? of: dynamite, white flakes, Nitro, micro rocket


The crate has a Midgard Security Forces badge stamped on the lid. Cracking it open, you find enough supplies to outfit at least a few security officers.

You found 9-15? of: basic scope, gas grenades, gas mask, heavy pistol, Midgard MK9, protein bar, security visor


The crate is labeled 'SlagMed only.' You crack it open and take a look. Looks like supplies for medics.

You found 4-7? of: first aid kit, scrubs bottoms, scrubs top, trauma reference

Hide and nap

You take this chance to curl up behind the pile of crates and take a nap. You feel way better when you wake up.

You regain 32-34? hit points!

Wander off

See Walk Away


Adventure replaced with 3 trash golems while eclipsed
Drop contents of normal crates, and if possible, slags antidote and/or a warehouse inventory item. Can drop both at the same time.

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