Stage A Bust


Convince some Midgard Security that a deal for neural recordings is underway. That always seems to get their attention.

P.S.: Remember your gas mask.


The Quad (Unlocked by beating the 4 Midgard Security encounter in The Quad (during protest).)

Start text

In combat:

As you approach, you hear the telltale ting, ting, hiss of gas grenades skittering along the ground… either he's in league with Midgard security or they knew you'd be meeting somehow.

Inbox text:

You called in Midgard Security early and they responded by blanketing the area in gas grenades.


At the end of each round:

If both defender and attacker have air filters:

Both of you are immune to the guards' gas grenades.

If defender has air filter but attacker does not:

You're immune, but the guards' gas grenades deal <defender> <11-15> damage.

If attacker has air filter but defender does not:

Security keeps tossing in gas grenades. <defender> doesn't seem to have any trouble breathing, but you surely do, suffering <13> damage in the process.

If both defender and attacker do not have air filters:

Security keeps tossing in gas grenades, threatening to suffocate both of you and dealing <13-16> damage each.

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