Staring Blade Program


Image reforgedsword.jpg
Description This is an incredibly efficient, dense attack program. Which is really for the best, because the design is bloated back up by an incredibly elaborate icon of a sword blazing with unholy fire.

It looks so real that you can almost feel the heat of the flames.
Type Program
Requires 1 Processor, 3 Memory
Functions reforgesword.jpgreforgesword.jpgcrashscript.jpgcrashscript.jpgbasicfiltering.jpgmanualsearch.jpg
Effects +3 Fire Power with Eclipse
(Hidden: +3 more when you don't have a weapon equipped)


Affix Staring Code to a Remote Crash Script
Remote Crash Script Staring Code
= Staring Blade Program


Hammer25.jpg This item is not a component for any sort of crafting.
computerchip.jpg This program cannot be decompiled.
GoldCoins.jpg This item can be discarded via the gang stash.
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