Staring Code


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Description Although this chunk of data appears quite small, it's actually a tightly encrypted and compressed series of functions. There are a few places you could interface with it, hook it up as a black box and see what happens… but you probably won't get more than a few snippets out if you try to crack it open.
Type Data


Ancient Vault from Roy's One Stop


Affix Staring Code to a Remote Crash Script
Remote Crash Script Staring Code
= Staring Blade Program
Reformat your Network Defender with Staring Code
Network Defender Staring Code
= Staring Shield Program
Fuse your Staring Code to a Remote Command Script
Remote Command Script Staring Code
= Staring Gauntlet Program
Run your Remote Indexer through Staring Code
Remote Indexer Staring Code
= Staring Eye Program
computerchip.jpg Handscripting gives 3 code snippets
GoldCoins.jpg This item can be discarded via the gang stash.
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