Starry Sky



Encounter Conditions



A painting grabs you, almost physically as you walk by. It's just a painting of a starry sky, but what stars!

It seems almost like an optical illusion, with stars glimmering on a velvety background. But perhaps that's what the stars look like when you can really see them, without Metroplex's lights glaring off the hazy air.

And with a museum guidebook equipped:

The guidebook says this painting's provenance is unknown, having been found in the Slags during Midgard's cleanup efforts there. It's dedicated to the "thousand lives, each a star" that Midgard has saved with their efforts containing the toxins that still cloud that abandoned district.

And, additionally, with the museum guidebook equipped and you have at least one of each of yellowed lace garotte, blazing feather, painted flower and black peat:
You feel something staring at you, as though from a great distance.

(Unlocks Starry Gaze In The Museum)

And with a raging effect:

It's hard to concentrate on the painting with the blood pounding in your ears, but you still pick up some good ideas.

You've gained 25 duration of Artistic Darkness. (+5 or 10 more with artbook equipped; +10 with Art Appreciation; if you have another Artistic Effect active it is removed and its duration is added to Artistic Darkness instead.)

And then:

You've earned 2 XP in random XP (+1 or 2 more with appropriate artbook equipped, +2 with Art Appreciation; +2 if you got "something staring at you" message)

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