Static Feedback


Image Static%20Field.jpg
Type Active Defense

Responses to Functions

Function Message U Result
Offense = 1-2,
Offense = 3, sometimes
Your batch slams into the loop, but it just integrates the attack into its static feedback. 0
Offense = 3, sometimes
Offense ≥ 4
Your batch crashes the feedback loop. 2 Gain 2 XP, removes routine
View ≥ 1 It's hard to get a read on this routine, because it's screaming on every possible channel and port. If you let it run for too long, it's bound to crash your connection eventually. 0
Command ≥ 1,
Defense ≥ 1,
The loop ignores your batch. 1
  • Offence + Command counts as Offence
  • View + Command counts as View

Active Responses

Every round, you also get:

If you had any defense in your batch:

The feedback chatters against your connection, but your defenses hold.

Otherwise, with hardening:

The feedback chatters against your connection, dealing X damage to your system's hardening.

(X = 1-2 damage normally, but can be more if you used any Offense. See discussion. 0 Unsubtle)

Otherwise, with some condition?

The feedback chatters against your connection. You manage to hold your connection, but it was as much luck as skill.


The feedback chatters against your connection. You try to keep hold, but it forces you out of the system.



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