Stealth Defense


Stealth defense protects against damage from stealth techniques. For specific details on how damage is reduced see the combat page. Defense (unlike evasion) cannot reduce damage below 1-2 points.

In addition to the following, any To Your Highest Defense bonuses when Stealth Defense is your highest, and Reactive defense can also reduce Stealth damage if you are dealt more than 5 damage at once.

Limited items Quest items
Unearthly items No trade items
Derivative unearthly Normal items

Stealth Defense Modifiers

+2 commemorative headset, consort crown, scuffed mining helmet, tactical goggles
+1 loaner hardhat, Midgard hardhat, Midgard heavy helmet, OmniTech hardhat, Vigilante's mask
-2 call center headset, harvester mask, stained glass helm
+4 wired sidearm
+2 defense knife
+5 achromatic lamp*
+4 anniversary pocket mirror (with Stealth Defense weapon), shield of scales with Shield of Scales
+3 survivors' origami box (with Eclipse)
+2 anniversary pocket mirror, Fenris tome (with Shadowy Presence skill), tome of binding (with Shadowy Presence skill)
-3 twisted voodoo doll
+4 prototype coat w/Shifting Coat*
+3 achromatic vest, mirror heart vest, shark hide jacket, shark hide vest
+2 skeleton shirt, survivors' origami shirt, traditional armored vest
+2 blood rose pants w/Swaying Blood
+2 lens focused on minutiae
Programs - requires a computer as gadget (& processor,memory cost)
+SL EyesAround (1,2)
+YS integrated vigilance (1,2)
Cyberware (Cybereyes)
+2 cat eyes
-1 tracer eye
-2 fixed eyes
Cyberware (Cyberarms)
+2 elbow spikes
-2 bone plated cyberarms, transparent arms
Cyberware (Cyberlegs)
-2 recalled cyberlegs, transparent legs
Cyberware (Neuralware)
+2 cybernetic cat ears, decorative ears, exposed skull, tactical neural mesh (w/tactical goggles)
Cyberware (Bodyware)
-3 tubegrown bones
-4 visible organs
Cyberware (Organware)
+4 Inteternal organs
+3 secret cyberheart, tubegrown organ
+2 Animatronic Gargoyle
+1 Plastic Gargoyle
+5 Gummy Carapace
+4 Paranoid Introspection, Parasitic Eye
+3 Exploding Candy, Released Slug
+2 Ardent Investigator, Calcified Organs, Defensive Boon, Forest Movements, Fearsome Whispers, Inspired Movements, Marine Cunning, Swaying Blood
-4 Harmony, Incredible Numbness
+2 Shadowy Presence, Unwavering Attention

* See item for additional bonuses or restrictions
† If you are using EyesAround, the tactical goggles gives Sight Link so it is the best hat for Stealth Defense.

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