Steel Rocket


Image steelrocket.jpg
Description A slow rocket delivering a fire attack
Chain 7
Type Fire
Attribute Perception
Base Damage 12
Hidden Flags (Science Technique, Likely but currently impossible to test: Rocket Technique)
Special Deals reduced damage against foes in heavier armor and can be evaded easily

Attack Summary

Condition Base
Normally 12
You fire a rocket at <opponent>. It punches through <opponent's> defenses, exploding for <x> damage.
Against heavy armor 7
Your steel clad rocket slams into <opponent's> armor and explodes for <x> damage.
Vs. Evasion (including underwater)
You fire a rocket. It travels slowly towards <opponent>, but <it> manages to avoid it.
With Engineer Explosives 17
You fire a rocket at <opponent>. It punches straight through <opponent>'s defenses, exploding violently for <x> damage.
With Engineer Explosives against heavy armor* 9
Your rocket slams into <opponent>'s armor and explodes into white hot steel shards for <x> damage.
While Underwater 0
Your steel clad rocket putters slowly through the water and explodes near <opponent> for <x> damage.

* With Engineer Explosives, seems to be a higher threshold for what is considered "armor". See discussion for spading in progress.


steel clad rocket

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