Stolen Artistry


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Description You've captured something as ephemeral as it is renowned, the creative spark of an artist. Perhaps, in this case, the creative spark is Eclipse, but you're confident you can bend it to your will.
Effects Use to turn paper mache into a canvas for your madness


One of the rewards in The Black Sketchbook quest (choosing to bind)


After each use, the skill is spent. To regenerate it you have to gain 50 points of Etheric in one go or wait for rollover. Using this skill uses up 1 Energy.

With 10 Paper Mache in inventory:

You smooth out the paper mache into an eco-friendly canvas. Staring at the blank expanse, terrible ideas begin to bubble up from your subconscious.

Which would you like to latch on to?

When used up you get the following message:

You've exhausted your artistic impulses for now. Maybe your dreams will give you more inspiration.

When you don't have enough Paper Mache in inventory:

You could probably make some eco-friendly canvas out of enough paper mache, but you don't even have that.

In Lake Metroplex (North) or Lake Metroplex (South):

Although the view down here is inspiring, you can't imagine it would do great things to your canvas.

When you're out of energy:

Art takes time and energy, neither of which you have a lot of right now.



You begin by drawing the larvae, then their native habitat in a slab of meat, then the chain suspending their native habitat from an unseen ceiling.

You're not sure where all that came from, but it seems right.

(Fight 2 Giant Maggots)

An inhuman Ghoul


You lay the paint heavily on the canvas, creating a shadowy void containing a single twisted creature staring back at you. As you as more and more detail, it seems to struggle against the paper.

Finally it tears free, its bloodstained fingers reaching for your neck.

(Fight Ghoul)

Fields of bone


You sit down and illustrate a field of flesh and bones, focusing on the features in the foreground until you get them just right. It just never quite seems to gel.

Eventually, you snap for a moment, tearing the canvas apart as grisly bones clatter out from the tears.

You found: 3? of: bone club, crude skull mask, decaying rib, meaty haunch, raw heart

data (post in order you got them, to see if all the drops are in one category or not):
(decaying rib, bone club, meaty haunch)

Mushroom forest

(If you're Outside the Slags, in The Docks, in the Southside, in Metroplex U, the Mushroom Cavern, or in The Slags)


You illustrate a sequence of mushrooms, ranging from the normal to the bizarre. As you focus on them more and more, they surpass the canvas in their sheer reality.

Eventually the canvas is gone and you have all the mushrooms you might need.

You found: 3-4? of: edible mushroom, large mushroom, red toadstool

You found: 1? of: bitter toadstool, heavy puffball

A self portrait

(If you're anywhere? (tested in Metroplex U, The Docks, Southside, Outside the Slags, The Slags)


You begin painting a portrait as you appear, but slowly wander. Layer after layer of paint piles on the canvas, representing hundreds of variations of the same face.

Suddenly you realize you're done and leave the portrait for another time.

You've gained 25 energy of Personal Certainty.


(In order to unlock this, you need to paint the maggots first.)

(If you're in Metroplex U or in The Docks)


You spend a while drawing the chain the hero held in that strange book. He holds it in one hand while the other end stretches far off the panel.

When you turn away, something catches painfully at your side. You look down to find the chain's bloody hook latched onto you, the other end extending back into the canvas.

You take 6 damage.

You found: unending chain

(or if you're Outside the Slags)


Something about being so near to Lake Metroplex inspires you. You illustrate a vast field of toxic oils, thick enough to hold an old anchor chain on the surface.

It's almost real enough too… you easily pull the slimy anchor chain through the torn canvas.

You found: anchor chain

The skull lantern


You do your best to create a larger rendition of the hero's skull "lantern" from the sketchbook. Adding color takes a lot of time and effort, but you're fairly happy with the results until the canvas bursts into flames.

Buried among the ashes, you find a skull like you one you were just drawing. It's no longer on fire, but still smoldering slowly.

You found: Smoldering Skull

(or nothing new if you're Outside the Slags)

(With Kingly Favor)

The Ghoul King

You carefully bring the ghoul king's image to your mind and draw a strikingly accurate portrait. He's sure to be pleased by your work. He might even do you another favor today.

(unlocks 1? more favor with the ghoul king)

The labyrinth's beast


You begin drawing the beast from the labyrinth, slowly adding more and more details, eventually putting even the original work to shame.

You soon find yourself lost in familiar halls, wandering the labyrinth while its master stalks you. Unlike your memories, it's you, not the faceless hero, that must turn and face the beast.

(Fight black-stone-beast)

A blooming rose

You paint twining rose vines over the canvas with occasional dark blossoms. After a while, you become so engrossed you imagine you can smell them.

Several minutes after leaving to attend to other business, you realize you've been carrying a single closed bud.

You found: black rose bud

The hunter's amulet

(Only if you got the Breaking the Fourth Window encounter?)


You begin by painting the strange amulet the hero found, but end up showing a starry sky with a faint winged shape hunting above it. As the shape seems more and more real, your heart leaps in panic.

In the second you forget it's just a painting, you find the amulet in your hands. The canvas sits torn, a howling wind passing through it.

You found: jade amulet

The pistol

You settle in to replicate the gun you saw the artist draw. It's… hard. You think he didn't know anything about guns, actually, so your normal intuition doesn't help.

You focus on turning the gun over, examining it from each angle it appeared, until you find the gun in your hands.


You found: Improbable Gun

Torn canvas

(Torn Canvass does not count as a use of the skill)


Disgusted by your lack of inspiration, you tear apart the canvas into a great pile of paper mache.

You found: 10 piles of Paper Mache

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