Stolen Crate


Image crate.jpg
Description This crate was unloaded off a ship only hours before you stole it off the docks. It obviously has something in there, but there's no real indication as to what.
Type Usable
Use Apparently knit hats are in this year… or someone expects them to be.
The crate is filled with guns packed in sawdust. You help yourself to several of the weapons.
This crate is filled with informational pamphlets about a new energy pill. Each pamphlet has a tiny white pill attached. You take the time to peel a few off.
This crate is unmarked except for a logo resembling a loop of chain. You crack it open to discover a pile of illegal armaments.
When you open the crate, dozens of gigantic plastic eyes stare back. Looks like you found a shipment of My Little Idoru toys.
You're greeted with a wave of intense preservative odor. Once you have a chance to inspect the contents more closely, they prove to be packets of dried fish and sushi rice, which you save for later. They're apparently not going bad any time soon.
This crate, although small, is filled to the brim with heavy, brick-like protein bars.
Multi You open the shipments and pour out their contents. People ship some interesting stuff. Not necessarily useful, but definitely interesting.
Effects You found: 5-10 knit caps
You found: 5-10 cheap pistol
You found: 5-10 pep pill
You found 6-10 of: dynamite, gas grenades, light armored vest, suspicious rifle, targeting circuit
You found: 12-20 My Little Idoru
You found: 6-8 dried fish
AND You found: 6-8 sushi rice
You found: 10-20 protein bars

Full data is at container spading, but just as a forewarning, you have roughly a 6% chance to get the sushi ingredients, a 12% chance to get the protein bars, a 12% chance to get the arms, and a 70% chance to get the other (mostly useless) junk.


A choice encounter on the Waterfront


Hammer25.jpg This item is not a component for any kind of crafting
toolbox.jpg This item cannot be salvaged.
GoldCoins.jpg .04 Goods
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