Strange Conversation In Shadows



Encounter Conditions


Initial Text

You see a strange conversation in the shadows of the waterfront: a ganger arguing with a man who looks ready to head into the office. Even an office worker alone would be weird enough, but the conversation seems equally threatening on both sides.

Summary of Choices

  1. Listen in - Gain 2 XP Perception
  2. Ambush the suit - Fight Family Enforcer
  3. Corner the ganger - Fight Third Eye Ganger
  4. Kill them both - Fight Third Eye Ganger and Family Enforcer
  5. Just back off - Nothing


Receiving this encounter starts the Waterfront Struggles with the quest text: "Multiple factions are competing for control of the Waterfront following the Fangs' collapse."

Choice Text and Results

Listen in

It quickly becomes apparent that neither of the sides is entirely as it appears. The man in the suit looks down his nose at the gangers, but doesn't seem afraid of them.

Stranger still, the man in the suit is claiming the gangers are "corporate dogs" which doesn't fit either group's image. The gangers glower at the implication, but don't seem intent on starting anything.

All in all, neither group seems likely to start a physical conflict right now.

You've earned 2 XP in Perception

Ambush the suit

You wait until the gangers leave and jump their presumed target. He stands his ground like someone who's more used to combat than his clothes would indicate.

(Fight Family Enforcer)

Corner the ganger

Once they break up, you corner the ganger. He seems surprised, but not too surprised to defend himself.

(Fight Third Eye Ganger)

Kill them both

You jump in, prepared to murder indiscriminately. They awkwardly form up to defend themselves.

(Fight Third Eye Ganger and Family Enforcer)

Just back off

They seem to be parting on friendly terms… or at least friendly-enough terms. And, really, was it your business in the first place?

Still, it was pretty strange, so you make a note to yourself to remember it.

See Walk Away

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