Strength is one of the four attributes of Metroplexity.

Strength represents physical strength, muscle tone, and resilience.

Strength improves certain Techniques, usually Melee. Your HP are also based on the lower of your Strength and Will. (If you have the Undying Will skill, Strength is ignored and it just uses your Will.)

Associated with autumn and friends of Hel.

Limited items Quest items
Unearthly items No trade items
Derivative unearthly Normal items

Strength Modifiers

+5 blood rose crown
+4 abstract domino mask w/Hide Yourself
+3 chained museum mask
-1 surgeon's mask
-2 plague Halloween mask
-4 frigid scarf, oppressive skull mask
+15% stressed crowbar
+7 fused clay, mirror-handled pistol (with Autumn AROTPBY), postapocalyptic spear (with Autumn AROTPBY), stretched chain
+6 vine spear, worm mandible
+5 giant gnarled branch
+3 fused blade, scarred crowbar, shining knuckles, the Hammer's sledge
+2 lakebottom rock, leaden knuckles
+1 lead pipe
-8 glowing bone
Offhand Items
=25 coin of the seasons, equinox coin, autumn coin
=ED solid mummy hologram
+ED solid shark hologram
+X survivors' origami crane (X = other origami disguise parts equipped)
+10% cybernetic fundraising ribbon
+5% exiled fundraising ribbon
+6 anniversary pocket mirror (with no weapon equipped)
+4 anniversary pocket mirror (with Strength Weapon), collector horse sculpture, nostalgic OmniYo, philosopher stone, any dream offhand item (with Bloody Dream and Eclipse)
+3 mold heart, unearthly coin
+2 clay horse, crocodile shield
-4 toxic crystal
-6 venomous angel
-7 toxic octopus eye
+7 mirror gang jacket (with Autumn AROTPBY)
+4 crocodile hide jacket, Vine Shirt (with no shirt equipped)
+3 mirror heart vest (with Autumn AROTPBY)
+2 zombie shirt
+1 clubbing shirt, Third Eye shirt
-2 tailored coat
+4 designer vines
+2 crocodile pants, wrapping pants
+1 elegantly torn pants* w/Fist Patch
+6 flower of the dragon
+5 blood rose amulet
+4 Midgard Player w/Ponderous Seed, resonating crystal spine, resonating spinal rod, toothed blossom
+3 disgusting slug
+2 crystal spine, crystal spinal rod, wolfskin belt
Cyberware (Cyberarms)
+6 muscular cyberarms, powerful cyberarms
+4 digging arm, mover arms, recalled cyberarms, The Claw
+3 basic cyberarms, wired cyberarms
-3 gesturing bone arm, skeletal cyberarm
-4 exposed cybergun, integrated cybergun
Cyberware (Cyberlegs)
+6 muscular cyberlegs
+3 powerful cyberlegs
-2 recording bone leg, skeletal cyberleg
Cyberware (Bodyware)
+4 cybernetic tattoo
-6 spidery limbs
Cyberware (Organware)
+8 adrenal pump, Inteternal organs
-3 trash cyberheart, tubegrown organ
+20% Black Metal Strength, Fearsome Strength
+9 Stomach Fungus
+7 Boon of Strength, Eating Reflections (with Autumn AROTPBY)
+5 Crone's Perspective, Kingly Strength
+4 Bloody Dream, Crocodile Spirit, Crystal Body, Taste of Ashes, Unchanging Survival
+3 Imported Metala, Mouth of Bitters, Pumped Up, Whiskey Drunk
+2 Brain Staplesa, Burning Mouthb, Earthy Buzz, Healthy Energies, RAGE, Released Cricket, Rum Addled, Shrug Off Your Chainsa, Survival Bulwark
+1 Tingling Mouthb
-2 Mouth of Fireb, RAGE cola, Spade Wound
-3 Blood Toxin, Stomach of Earth, Strange Injection, Vine Husk, Weighted
-4 Broken Bone, Croaking Cough
-5 Breathing Embers, Crawling Larva, Severely Charred, Slags Poisoning
-6 Chest Wound, Torn Flesh
-8 Constrained
-9 Experimental Gourmand
-10 Crushed Perceptions, Curse of the Mummy, Lead Poisoning, Rooted Spores, Ruptured Organs
-25% Cyber Sickness, Toxic Spores
-50% Stitched Up
-75% Unforgiving Chill
+4 Undying Heart
+2 Bloody Solution, Monstrous Form (with any counterculture cyberware installed)

* See item page for additional bonuses or restrictions
a Only one type of music can be active at a time
b Only one of Tingling Mouth, Burning Mouth and Mouth of Fire can be active at once

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