Student Selling Books



Encounter Conditions

Non-Etheric only
Encounter stops appearing if you've bought all four books

Initial Text

First paragraph:

You notice a cheerful looking student trolling through the crowds, chatting to everyone as they pass. Eventually, she sets her sights on you. Hmmm, at least she's probably less of a bother than those guys in strangely-colored robes handing out pamphlets.

Second paragraph:
(First time buyer)

She approaches you, smiling. "Hey. I'm trying to unload some books from last semester. I've got EE301, Physics 520, History 110, and English 315. Only forty apiece!"

(If you've already bought a book)

She approaches you, smiling. "Back for more? I've still got <unbought books>. Still only forty credits apiece."

(If the remaining books are EE301 and Physics 520)

She approaches you, smiling. "No QM or EE? I suppose I can't blame you, neither's great for non-majors. Still, if you change your mind, they're a steal at forty credits. The bookstore is robbery."

(If the remaining books are History 110 and English 315)

She approaches you, looking a bit concerned. "You know it's good not to save your gen eds until the end right? I got stuck with History 110 and this stupid poetry course way at the end. Take 'em now, save yourself the trouble."

She pauses. "Oh yeah, forty credits apiece."

(If any other two books are remaining, they are listed in the order they appear in the choice list)

She approaches you, smiling. "Hey, I've still got <book 1> and <book 2>. Round out your set for forty credits apiece."

(If she has one book left)

She approaches you, smiling. "Hey, if it isn't my favorite customer! I've just got <last book> left if you want it."

Summary of Choices

  1. EE310 - lose 40 credits, gain Electrical Engineering III, remove option
  2. Physics 520 - lose 40 credits, gain Quantum Mechanics, remove option
  3. History 110 - lose 40 credits, History of the Orbital Wars, remove option
  4. English 315 - lose 40 credits, gain Survey of Modern Poetry, remove option
  5. Talk about Halloween - During Halloween only
  6. Rush her (evil) - Get pelted with paper mache for 1 damage
  7. Make excuses - walk away?

Choice Text and Results

If you attempt to purchase a book you can't afford

She frowns a tiny bit. "You don't have forty? That's a shame."

"Ah well, I'll probably still have them if you want to shake down your parents or something."


She pauses to let the credits roll over to her account, then flashes you a smile. "Now you can make fun of everyone who paid one-twenty-five at the bookstore for it."

You found: Electrical Engineering III

(You lose 40 credits and removes this option)

Physics 520

She waits a second for you to transfer over the credits, then hands you the brilliant red book. "Here you go. If you want my advice, try not to think about what it means too much, just do the math."

You found: Quantum Mechanics

(You lose 40 credits and removes this option)

History 110

She pauses to let the transfer roll through and hands you the book. "Don't worry to much about this one. Everything you heard about it being an easy A is right on the money. And you get to learn about drones saving civilization, so that's pretty cool."

You found: History of the Orbital Wars

(You lose 40 credits and removes this option)

English 315

She takes the transfer and leans towards you conspiratorially. "Yeah, the bookstore keeps selling out. Only a dozen people registered for the class, but I think people are using them to ward off Dave."

You found: Survey of Modern Poetry

(You lose 40 credits and removes this option)

Talk about Halloween

Rush her (evil (4))

You rush her, but she pauses only long enough to pelt you with books before bolting. Well, you suppose that's one way to get them.

And (with all but quantum mechanics purchased)

You take 1 damage.
You found: paper mache

with survey of modern poetry purchased:

You take 5 damage.
You found: paper mache
You found: History of the Orbital Wars

With no books sold:

You take 10 damage.
You found: 2 piles of paper mache
You found: Electrical Engineering III
You found: History of the Orbital Wars
You found: Survey of Modern Poetry

with low hp < damage dealt:

She comes back a little later and cautiously retrieves her merchandise from your unmoving form.

(get no items)

Make excuses

She smiles. "No worries. No worries. Didn't mean to bother you."

"After all, I have to get a bit of my 365 back somehow." She shakes her head ruefully.

See Walk Away

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