Suckling Pig



Encounter Conditions

Non etheric


You're stopped short by a still life of a suckling pig with a vase of flowers behind it. It seems almost absurd, which might be the point.

Something about it makes you uncomfortably aware of your own body, like ants crawling up your spine.

And with a museum guidebook equipped:

The guidebook doesn't shed much light on the matter. It says this painting was "inspired by the last show the museum held before its repairs," but doesn't help you put a finger on why it feels so creepy.

And with a raging effect:

It's hard to concentrate on the painting with the blood pounding in your ears, but you still pick up some good ideas.

You've gained 25 duration of Artistic Focus. (+5 or 10 more with artbook equipped; +10 with Art Appreciation; if you have another Artistic Effect active it is removed and its duration is added to Artistic Focus instead.)

And then:

You've earned 2 XP in Strength (+1 or 2 more with appropriate artbook equipped, +2 with Art Appreciation)

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