Sudden Darkness



Encounter Conditions


Initial Text

As you make your way through the maze of cubicles, the lights die with an audible pop. It takes a moment, but you quickly realize that pop also marked the ends of all normal office sounds. It's as if you blinked and the building, along with all its inhabitants, gave up.

The darkness presses in, stealing features you could see only moments ago.

Summary of Choices

  1. Stand your ground - 3 XP Will or after evacuation order fight 2 Internal Security (Baton)
  2. Shout for help - Fight Internal Security (Baton) and Internal Security (Needler) or in Office Worker Outfit raise Records Office alert
  3. Methodically search - 4 XP Perception
  4. Run towards light - Fight Tusked Shadow

Choice Text and Results

Stand your ground

You stand strong, waiting for the hammer to fall, but the hammer never comes. Eventually light returns and, with it, the sounds of the office.

You've earned 3 XP in Will

(Or, after evacuation order)

You stand strong, waiting for the hammer to fall, but the hammer falls in an unexpected form. Two Midgard security officers find you and approach, drawing their batons.

(Fight 2 Internal Security (Baton))

Shout for help

A pair of guards rush to sound of the screaming, the latter toting a needler. After a glance, they seem to decide that you're the cause of the screams, rather than their source.
(Fight Internal Security (Baton) and Internal Security (Needler))

(Or, in Office Worker Outfit):

Two guards rush to investigate the screams, the latter carrying a needler. They attempt to escort you away from the "scene," but a shadowy form gores one of the guards with its tusks.

The standing guard fires his needler, passing through the shadow with little effect, and drags his wounded companion away, leaving you to your own devices.

Thankfully, the shadow seems to be sated.

Methodically search

You methodically map the labyrinth, knowing there must be some exit but… those hallways can't connect because they're hundreds of feet apart. And why does that desk only appear if you look at it from the right?

Eventually, the lights and sounds of the office return, seemingly of their own volition as you pass the same desk for the eighth time.

You've earned 4 XP in Perception

Run towards light

You run through the darkened cubicles, the walls seeming to shift as you pass them, until you find yourself where you began. Only now a shadow lurks where you stood, eyes and tusks shining in the darkness.

(Fight Tusked Shadow)

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