Sunless Flag

Certain mushrooms and funguses get bonuses when under the effects of Fae Sight. These are described here:

Sunless Foods

Sunless foods typically give about 1 extra energy/fullness (depending on item) and give the following message:

Mmmmmmm. Reminds you of wandering through sunless caverns.

* These ones give a special message/results with Fae Blessing active (does not require Fae Sight).

Sunless Drugs

Certain drugs gain additional duration or other benefits as well, with the following message:

It all somehow reminds you of wandering through sunless caverns.

* Doesn't give the normal sunless message, but it does give a bonus with Fae Sight.

Sunless Opponents

These fungus opponents affect:

Sunless opponents include:

See also: Primordial Flag

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