Sunset Painting



Encounter Conditions



You stop in front of a sunset painting, expecting to be unimpressed, but it actually has some merit. It really seems to embrace its common concept. It doesn't seem remotely afraid of being compared to a thousand paintings just like it.

Looking at the other paintings around, this one is almost refreshingly childish.

And with a museum guidebook equipped:

The guidebook says this painting was selected out of over a hundred similar painting bequeathed by a wealthy donor. According to the Dean of Arts, it's the one that best represents the "style and substance" of the collection.

And with a raging effect:

It's hard to concentrate on the painting with the blood pounding in your ears, but you still pick up some good ideas.

You've gained 25 duration of Artistic Lighting. (+5 or 10 more with artbook equipped; +10 with Art Appreciation; if you have another Artistic Effect active it is removed and its duration is added to Artistic Lighting instead.)

And then:

You've earned 2 XP in Will (+1 or 2 more with appropriate artbook equipped, +2 with Art Appreciation)

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