Supplying Fortification


dumpster.jpg PileofCrates.jpg SewerGraffiti.jpg Fountain.jpg
(For Southside Park, Waterfront, Sewers and Quad respectively)

Encounter Conditions

In Gang Warfare and in one of the 4 gang warfare areas.
Agreed to help fortify under Gang Missions


XP gains are as follows:

  • 2 XP in Southside Park
  • 3 XP in the Waterfront
  • 3 XP in the Dockside Sewers
  • 4 XP in the Quad

If your gang has uncontested control:

You don't find any enemy patrols or ambushes on <area>, so it's a simple matter of moving supplies into position.

You've earned x XP in Strength


You keep your cool, slipping past hostile gangers to supply your gang's fortification on <area>

You've earned x XP in Will

Other condition (This was with "Your gang has control of Southside Park, although others may be threatening it."?):

You slip in under cover of darkness to supply your gang's fortifications in <area>.

You've earned x XP in Reflexes

Other condition: (this was without any control)

You carefully pick your way through patrols in Southside Park to supply your gang.

You've earned x XP in Perception

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