Unlocked by having Sashimi Knife in inventory or equipped.


See Sushi Ingredients


Crafting sushi costs 1 Energy.

Base Additional Ingredient Notes
Sashimi Knife
(1 Hunger Food)
Sushi Rice
(2 Hunger Food)*
Sushi Nori
(3 Hunger Food)
burger cap X mushroom cap nigiri X sunless
carrot nose X X frosty roll
clam meat (large) clam cut clam sushi giant clam roll primordial,poisonous
dock pike pike sashimi pike sushi dock Roll primordial
dried fish dried fish strip dried fish sushi dried fish maki
eager fish windfall sashimi windfall nigiri friendly roll primordial,lordly
endangered squid ika sashimi ika sushi smuggler roll primordial
eyeless eel oily sashimi oily sushi oily roll sunless
fountain trout trout sashimi trout sushi Fountain Roll primordial
freshwater eel unagi unagi sushi eel maki primordial,poisonous
fresh mollusk mollusk strip mollusk sushi mollusk roll primordial
giant pike (large) pike sashimi pike sushi dock roll primordial
lake bluegill raw bluegill bluegill sushi bluegill maki primordial
lake perch perch sashimi perch sushi perch roll primordial,poisonous
lake squid tiny squid eyes X eye roll primordial,poisonous
mass of squid eyes X X squid nest roll primordial,gummy
massive tentacle cut of tentacle tentacle sushi kraken roll primordial,gummy
mislit fish mislit sashimi mislit nigiri mirror roll primordial
mud eel mud eel sashimi mud eel nigiri Mud roll primordial
partially digested fish acrid sashimi acidic sushi slags roll primordial,poisonous
rinsed squid eyes X X crying roll primordial
silver darter darter sashimi darter sushi silver roll primordial
shark fillet (large) shark sashimi shark sushi shark roll primordial,poisonous
skullfish skullfish sashimi skullfish nigiri death's head roll primordial
spider eggs X X black spider roll
tiny squid eyes X X staring maki poisonous

* Apart from clam sushi, which requires 3 Hunger
Apart from giant clam roll and staring maki, which requires 5 Hunger.

Message for manually combining ingredients:

You create an exciting new sushi dish:

You created:

Following a known recipe:

You follow the sushi recipe carefully and create:

You normally create one item when crafting with sushi, although some items or skills can increase the yield:
Sashimi  Sushi   Rolls 
Normal foods 1 1 1
Large foods 2-4 2-3 2-3
With Sushi Chef Double the above ranges, 50% of the time


  • Your Sashimi Knife is not consumed when used, even though it is listed as an "ingredient".
  • Toxic sushi is dangerous to eat in large quantities. It appears that the first toxic sushi-crafted item you eat in a day has no harmful effect; the second gives 1 energy of Slags Poisoning; the third gives 2 additional energy, etc. Or in Andrea's words, "The chemical contaminants are perfectly safe at a serving a day."
  • The Sushi Chef skill gives you a chance to increase your yield when making sushi. It does not affect making sushi nori.
  • Making most sushi with the Red Lenses effect active may yield metallic oil.
  • Eating some kinds of sushi with the Ocean Sight effect active seems to yield higher Energy gains and adds this message after the regular consumption message:

Mmmmmm. Reminds you of swimming in primordial seas.

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