Sushi Rice


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Description This rice has been prepared in advance with vinegar to make it nice and sticky. Makes for delicious sushi but gets everywhere.

This particular sushi rice has also been in a crate for quite a while, so it's probably chock full of delicious preservatives too.
Type Food
Requires 1 Hunger
Use You eat a spoonful of sushi rice, which glues your mouth shut worse than peanut butter. Once your mouth starts working again, you do have to admit it's pretty tasty.
Multi You sit down to a nice dinner of sushi rice. It's bland, but no where near as bad as normal rice. Except the part where now you have sushi rice stuck to everything.
Effects Gain 1-2 Energy


From opening a Sushi Kit
From opening a Stolen Crate


Place some Partially Digested Fish over Sushi Rice
Partially Digested Fish Sushi Rice
= Acidic Sushi
Drape some Lake Bluegill over some Sushi Rice
Lake Bluegill Sushi Rice
= Bluegill Sushi
Arrange Clam Meat cuts over some Sushi Rice
Makes 2-3 (?) servings
Clam Meat Sushi Rice
= Clam Sushi
Arrange some Silver Darter on Sushi Rice
Silver Darter Sushi Rice
= Darter Sushi
Lay a cut of Dried Fish over some Sushi Rice
Dried Fish Sushi Rice
= Dried Fish Sushi
Prepare some Endangered Squid with Sushi Rice
Endangered Squid Sushi Rice
= Ika Sushi
Drape some strange Mislit Fish over Sushi Rice
Mislit Fish Sushi Rice
= Mislit Nigiri
Cut and drape a Fresh Mollusk over Sushi Rice
Fresh Mollusk Sushi Rice
= Mollusk Sushi
Carefully cut a Mud Eel to top some Sushi Rice. Delicious!
Mud Eel Sushi Rice
= Mud Eel Nigiri
Prop up some Eyeless Eel with Sushi Rice
eyeless eel sushi rice
= oily sushi
Rest a cut of Lake Perch over Sushi rice
Lake Perch Sushi Rice
= Perch Sushi
Lay some Dock Pike over Sushi Rice
Dock Pike Sushi Rice
= Pike Sushi
Prepare a Giant Pike into a few pieces of nigiri
Makes 2-3 (?) servings
Giant Pike Sushi Rice
= Pike Sushi
Prepare a Shark Fillet and Sushi Rice into delicious sushi
Makes 2-3 servings
Shark Fillet Sushi Rice
= Shark Sushi
Add some Skullfish to a bed of Sushi Rice
Skullfish Sushi Rice
= Skullfish Nigiri
Find some edible parts of a Massive Tentacle to arrange with Sushi Rice
Massive Tentacle Sushi Rice
= Tentacle Sushi
Prepare some Freshwater Eel with Sushi Rice
Freshwater Eel Sushi Rice
= Unagi Sushi
Top some Sushi Rice with Eager Fish
Eager Fish Sushi Rice
= Windfall Nigiri
Roll some Eggs with Processed Sugar
Tamago Sushi Rice
= Tamago Nigiri
Cover some Sushi Rice with a Burger Cap
Burger Cap Sushi Rice
= Mushroom Cap Nigiri
Lay Fountain Trout over Sushi Rice
Fountain Trout Sushi Rice
= Trout Sushi
toolbox.jpg This item cannot be salvaged.
GoldCoins.jpg .04 Goods
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