Suture Needle


Image sutureneedle25.jpg
Description Before the advent of modern medicine, it was fairly common to stitch wounds shut. That said, this needle in particular seems far larger than you'd need for most wounds and the thread strong enough there'll be more problems with it cutting through flesh than with it breaking.

Really, it looks more like something out of a horror story than even the most ill-equipped doctor's bag.
Type Usable
Use See below


Dark Mad Science Lab


When used:

You stare down at the needle and thread. If you want your body different, it'll certainly leave it different.

You don't have anything that seems appealing to stitch to your body. It might be for the best.
Or, with cyberware in your inventory (only Patchwork Dreams-derived works here):
You can probably stitch these parts on.

<List of available cyberparts> Inspect Install

With valid cyberware installed — all cyberware works, including non-Patchwork stuff:
You can probably remove these parts and stitch the wounds shut.

<List of installed cyberparts> Inspect Remove

When installing tubegrown eyes:

The residents of Southside like to say you'd have to be crazy to have perfectly good eyes torn out and replaced with fake ones. They're jealous of being able to afford cybernetics, of course, but there's a ring of truth there.

How much crazier do you have to be to do it yourself?

You've gained 10 duration of Stitched Up.

When installing stitched arms:

It's tricky… cutting off your own arms one at a time, then sewing new ones onto the stumps. But you take it slow and steady. The worst part is waiting for the first of the new arms to start working.

You've gained 20 duration of Stitched Up.

When installing stitched legs:

Cutting off your legs and sewing new ones onto the stumps is ghastly, but less difficult than you expected.

You've gained 20 duration of Stitched Up.

When installing tubegrown brain:

You're… not entirely sure how you got here or why there's a fresh row of stitches down your scalp. You're sure there's a perfectly good explanation.

You've gained 30 duration of Stitched Up.

When installing tubegrown bones:

Pulling out your own bones and replacing them with the tubegrown ones isn't hard so much as excruciatingly painful. You barely feel it when you stitch yourself back up.

You've gained 40 duration of Stitched Up.

When installing a tubegrown organ:

You carve yourself open, finding a nice little spot in your abdomen for the new organ.

You've gained 40 duration of Stitched Up.

When trying to install a part while any Cyber Sickness effects are active:

You should probably let the first implant settle before you put on the next one.

When removing items:

You pull out your <part> and stitch the wound closed.

Cybereyes: You've gained 10 energy of Blurred Eyes.
Cyberarms: You've gained 20 energy of Missing Hand.
Cyberlegs: You've gained 20 energy of Shaking Legs.
Neuralware: You've gained 30 energy of Neural Realignment.
Bodyware: You've gained 40 energy of Torn Flesh.
Organware: You've gained 40 energy of Ruptured Organs.


For installation purposes, only the cyberware from the Massive Glass Tube is valid. All cyberwar parts can be removed with the needle though.

The needle is only consumed if you perform an installation or removal.

As with all cyberware, you can lose some effects from installation.

Hammer25.jpg This item is not a component for any kind of crafting.
toolbox.jpg This item cannot be salvaged.
GoldCoins.jpg .02 Goods
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