Suzy Statue Fan



Encounter Conditions


Initial Text

The hall is largely empty of students, but one wanders by, stopping periodically to record something in a sketchbook. She seems pretty focused, but probably also knows what's going on.

Summary of Choices

  1. Talk art - Information
  2. Talk statues (After talking about art) - Information
  3. Talk Eclipse - Information
  4. Talk music - Gain idolfusion demo (1/day) if friendly
  5. Docents? (After talking about Eclipse) - unlock secret back entrance if friendly
  6. Sothrane Nighthawk? (After talking about statues result) - become more friendly
  7. Lash out - Fight Design Student
  8. Let her pass - Walk away

Choice Text and Results

Talk art

"Hmmm? Oh, I'm just here doing some prelim sketches for modeling. It's much nicer up here. Paintings never seem to give you the angle you want."

She almost smiles, the corners of her mouth turning upward barely perceptibly. "I guess if they did, people wouldn't need modelers."

Talk statues

"The tree of hands is pretty great. I actually wrote a story about it for Halloween, so I'm really glad to see it back."

"It's not supposed to be spooky, but the designer really dropped the ball on that. I could make a hundred monsters out of that thing."

She stares off into space for a moment. "They did a good job with the hands, though. Better detail than I remember."


"Some of my relatives were in the Orbital Wars, so I don't mind having a memorial. I could do without the advertising masquerading as a war memorial, though."

"On the bright side, without it, we'd only have one real human figure in the whole place. They'd have to call it the Hall of Statue."


"I don't really like the masks, probably because they don't do much for my modeling."

She frowns and furrows her brow a bit, as though in thought. "Or maybe I just don't want to admit how much we all wear masks. Sofia, Suzy, Sothrane Nighthawk…"

"Nope, that's just drivel. Definitely the first one."


"Well, not everything up here is statues. There is the giant insect collection… which is to say, the large collection of insects… although some of the insects are pretty big. Actually, not all of them are even insects. Whatever."

"They're great for modeling work, at least. Everyone on campus seems to want crazy spiky bugs for everything these days."


She nods without looking up from her sketchbook. "There's the tablet. I'm glad we got it back from that lunatic carving chunks off of it."

"It's really a piece of work and now I get to copy down the writing properly. It's all constructed languages, but such a great piece."


"It's nice to have that valkyrie statue here. I know it's a sly Midgard reference, but at least it's a little creative."

"And the Eclipse-heads are terrified of her, which makes me like her way more."

Talk Eclipse

"Eclipse? Never take it, that stuff's bad news."

She sketches something quickly in her book and turns it to show you, a few pencil lines suggesting jagged limbs and dull malevolence. "They say everyone sees what's in themselves. They also say everyone sees what's in everyone else. If this is what lives in everyone else, I'm not terribly interested in seeing it."

"Even the docents won't take it while they're here… I can't imagine why." She laughs at her own joke, heading towards the insect display.


"Yeah, the guys downstairs who sell the guidebooks." She shakes her head.

"They're fine, I guess, they just… well, they all refuse to take Eclipse while they're on duty, which is great. They hit all sorts of other stuff, though, which doesn't make them easier to deal with."

"Anyway, I just avoid them. They never come up here anyway."

Or, second time if you don't know her well (haven't asked about Sothrane Nighthawk)

"They really get to you, don't they?" She pauses for a second, as though considering something.

"Well, I can't suggest stabbing them with a pencil, no matter how satisfying it may sound."

Or second time (if you know her well enough)

"If those guys really bother you that much, there's a scaffold on the back of the building. I think a construction crew left it up back there one Halloween." She gestures in the general direction of the insect collection.

"I use it almost every day because it's faster than going through the whole first floor to get to the stairs. The window should be unlatched, though, just close it after you come through in case it rains."

Talk music

First time per day

"Well, I mostly listen to game music, movie soundtracks, that sort of thing. But I've been branching out, listening to some crazy stuff from Zaibatsu."

"Well, some of my guild buddies who happen to live out near the zeds. It's kind of weird, but I like it."

She preps the file transfer then pauses. "Just be sure you listen to it before you go to any Zaibatsu sites. You know the urban legend about them sending viruses after pirates? Let's just say it's a lot more credible than the one about the statues here moving around after dark."

You found: idolfusion demo

Subsequent times

"You listen to that file yet? Pretty cool, right?"

She stares at the statue of a soldier and his drone for a moment, as though remembering something. "Anyway, don't forget what I said about Zaibatsu getting snippy. A guy from our guild had a huge collection of files, went to one of their websites and it totally freaked out on him."

"Deleted everything, even the backups. He cried for a week." Despite her best efforts, you can hear the laughter creeping into her voice.

Or, if you don't know her well enough

She frowns at you at you suspiciously for a second. "No time. Gotta draw."

She fervently focuses on her notebook until she's past you.

Sothrane Nighthawk?

"Hmmm? It was my first handle playing Spacehammer on Yggdrasil back when I was little. The Nighthawks were our clan."

She looks at you as though searching for any glimmer of recognition. "Anyway, it just stuck. You can't even play Spacehammer anymore, except on pirated servers, but it's still my name."

"Funny how that works."

Lash out

She's surprised by your attack, dropping her book to defend herself

(2 Evil)

(Fight Design Student)

Let her pass

You give her some space to move by and sketch the next exhibit. She doesn't acknowledge you at all, but she also doesn't seem to have any intent of leaving.

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