Swarm of Gems


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Upgraded Forms Mass of Gems
Cluster of Gems
Pair of Gems
Solitary Gem
Combat Name The gem(s)
HP 25 for each form?
Stats Perception:
Power Melee: 0
Etheric: 0
Stealth: 0
Defense Melee:
Ranged: -1 to 1
Reactive: rather high
Awards 8 XP
possible techniques (see below)


With the HKGames helmet set to target practice while etheric.

On death (for Swarm/Mass/Cluster/Pair of Gems)

A gem shatters with a deafening crack. The rest begin moving even faster.

(Swarm of Gems becomes a Mass of Gems) or
(Mass of Gems becomes a Cluster of Gems) or
(Cluster of Gems becomes a Pair of Gems) or
(Pair of Gems becomes a Solitary Gem)

On death (for Solitary Gem)

(Only if you won with at least one non-ranged technique?)

The last of the gems shatters and falls at your feet.

You learned a new Technique: Gamer's Shot


Opposing every gem attack with a ranged technique immediately ends the combat and gives the Gem Break technique. This means that to get this at the start of the fight you will need to successfully make a 5-chain of ranged attacks.

As the fight progresses you will still need a 5-chain but only surviving gems need to be opposed with ranged techniques. For example against the Cluster of Gems as long as the last 3 techniques of your 5-chain of are ranged you will end the fight and receive Gem Break.

You carefully shatter each gem with its own well-aimed attack.

You learned a new Technique: Gem Break

Technique Chain Power Dam Type Notes
Swirl x 3 3-? Stealth (normal)
'' 6-10 Stealth (versus Stealth)
'' All Damage Evasion(R,?; Not M,E) (with 1+ gems defeated)
Disgorge Fire x+1 3 3-6 Fire (normal)
'' All Damage Evasion(R,?; Not E) (with 2+ gems defeated)
Gather and Charge x+2 3 3-6 Melee (normal)
'' Melee (versus Melee)
'' All Damage Evasion(R,?; Not F) (with 3+ gems defeated)
Green Light x+3 ? ? Etheric (normal)
" ? ? Etheric (versus Etheric)
'' All Damage Evasion(R,?) (with 4 gems defeated)
Dart Brutally x+4 ? ? Ranged (normal)
'' 10 10-? Ranged (unopposed)
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